1. Two days ago my son asked me, “If a fly loses its wings, is it then called a ‘walk’?”

    P.S. The last time I ate something with caraway seeds in it, I had such a massive allergic reaction that I don’t want to repeat the experiment.

  2. I think I barely knew what caraway seeds were (the alternative to poppy seeds on rolls or some kinds of bread), when some class read The Great Gatsby and so much was made over the first-person narrator being named Nick Carraway. “Oh he’s like a seed that gets stuck between your teeth!” Really? How so? That was probably the start of my opinion that idolatry of Gatsby is misplaced, and that Tender is the Night is Fitzgerald’s masterpiece.

  3. Is the ‘Helpppp me!’ venturing into geezer territory? The latest fly film, as far as I’m aware, was in the 80s. Has it resurfaced under my nose? I wouldn’t be surprised. This seems to happen to me a lot these days.

  4. Customer: “What’s this fly doing in my soup?”

    Waiter: “The backstroke, sir.”

    Might be the first joke I ever heard.

  5. Chak and Andrea: Yeah, sure, it still makes sense. I wasn’t questioning the ability of most readers to ‘get it’, whether the intended reference was recognised or not. However, it is a reference to the film(s), one only geezers might ‘get’. No? That’s all I was asking…is it a geezer reference, or not?

  6. I didn’t get the film reference, but I did get the comic, though it seemed somewhat cruel, especially for a wholesome family strip; once I caught on it was a reference to the film, suddenly it didn’t seem as heartlessly cruel: I guess when you have a film reference to hang the joke on, you are satisfied that that’s all there is, and don’t think about the fact that he hears another sentient being crying out for help, and instead of helping this poor creature, which is easily within his power and no great sacrifice, he just goes, “yep, it’s a fly”…

  7. “The Fusco Brothers” had a variation on the “fly in the soup” theme almost every other weeks for years. An there is one just today… (17/3/2022)

  8. Here’s that current Fusco Brothers strip that GiP mentions. It is indeed a frequent theme with them!

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