Expanding horizons of Bliss?

The Bliss humans may be getting a bit more adventurous in their romantic possibilities, as RHP noted in regard to the first example below. They ask “Is this Harry Bliss comic really suggesting a kinky three-some?  It was in a family newspaper (The Boston Globe) on Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022. I notice that it is not showing up on the artist’s website or other comics websites, so I wonder if other editors recognized it as inappropriate.”

Then about a week later, we note the following.


  1. The first one appears normally on GoComics, and it’s also available on Bliss’s website, so I can’t see who is supposed to be censoring it.

    P.S. There’s a similar voyeuristic scene in the sci-fi novel “Footfall”, in which the space aliens end up watching a p0rn0-movie, but are then puzzled because the scene doesn’t fit their concept of the “only” way that it is “supposed” to happen.

  2. And the cat and dog might not realize there are aspects of their respective mating biology that humans find very odd! 🤷‍♀️

  3. I’m not so sure the 2nd one is suggesting a threesome. I took it as a male friend trying to protect his buddy from getting hurt, either emotionally or from landing on his back trying to kick a football.

  4. I agree with Mark M that no threesome is implied by the second comic. I was wondering if there might be an alternative (not necessarily non-salacious) interpretation of the first comic, but I could not think of one.

    In my experience, cats in fact are entirely blasé about human sexual activities. Can anyone speak to whether dogs take a similar view?

  5. As far as cats and dogs and their reactions to human friskiness, I know of quite a few distinct reactions. Some dogs completely ignore it; some are all, “Hey! You look like you’re playing! I wanna play! Here’s a tennis ball! Can you guys stop what you’re doing and play THIS game instead? It’s more fun!” Some cats completely don’t care — some cats are horribly jealous and try to shove the other human out of bed to make sure that their “preferred associate” spends all their attention on them. And at least ONE cat of whom I am aware saw … things … moving in what the kitten assumed was a cat-toy-like way, and all the roommates heard the guy yelp in pain very loudly…

  6. Trish, it does have “Arlo Award” as a Category – you’ll find it in the group with CIDU.

    There was an additional tradition of the separate Arlo page… Which the present editors don’t use anymore. But it was for items with actual explicit or directly questionable content, which this probably is not.

  7. The cat might be observing something that is not sex and incorrectly believing that it represents reproductive activity. A game of Twister? But the prevailing interpretation is funnier.

    (How many dogs or cats need to peek in a window to see humans mating?)

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