1. @Kilby I’m sure you’re right, but despite over 55 years of being a DC fan, I would not have gotten that. Thanks.

  2. Powers, the current default posting times are meant to be overnight or generally before rising, for most USian and Canadian readers ; so it can be waiting for them when they get to it. But that makes it something like mid-morning for Europeans.

  3. @PS3, at any rate, you’re doing better than some of us, for whom it has been entirely a CIDU, on account of not even knowing which super character she was supposed to be, let alone the magical features of her accessories!

  4. Any cis male coming of age in the early 80s should recognize Wonder Woman! Lynda Carter…

  5. 2pm for me here in Kuwait. It’s nice to give these things a think, and then see what people have come up with when I get home after work.

  6. I think the serious answer someone at DC came up with is that the bracelets allow her to aim the bullets away from nearby civilians.

  7. @ PS3 – The strange thing is that I have never been a dedicated fan of any of the superheros. As a kid, I did read an occasional comic book. but I never subscribed to any of them, and I never cared for the “hook” tactic employed by most publishers (“Guess what will happen in the next exciting issue!!!“). I preferred “MAD Magazine”, and read every issue I could get of that.
    Nevertheless, over the years I’ve managed to absorb at least a fleeting familiarity with most of the better known characters, through various TV cartoons and a few of the older movies. This knowledge has been more than enough to appreciate (and recognize the sources) of any good parody (such in the Pixar’s “Incredibles” movies). It is entirely possible that the reason I knew about the bracelets was precisely because of the “Bullet Bouncing” strip that Pete posted (and from which Shrug’s snippet was taken); this is not the first time that this strip has been posted at CIDU.

  8. P.S. After searching CIDU for “bullet”, I discovered that the prior appearance was actually on Bill’s “Crimeweek” page (posted by Downpuppy in 2019). It’s also worth mentioning that the original source (from 2015) is still available (and a number of Kerry Callan’s other pieces are well worth reading).

  9. In answer to the original question – she can’t just put her gun down, that would be irresponsible – anyone could walk past and pick it up. It has been found that when one picks someone and says “do (this)” the person is fairly likely to do so, and this way the woman is likely to not hand the gun off to someone else.

    Examples –

    “Someone watch this child while I put out a call over the PA to find his mom” – everyone will generally assume someone is watching the child so no one does. “Ms. Green Dress – watch this child….” then the person will do so.

    If someone is injured and the person trying to help them yells to the crowd “Someone call for an ambulance.” People will assume that someone is doing so and not call. “Lady in the green coat – call for an ambulance” or even point at a specific person who is paying attention to you and say “YOU – call for an ambulance.” and there is a good chance that it will be done. If you watch police/medical and similar TV shows they will do so on the shows.

    When Robert was working and the children’s mental health agency he worked at (later was director) had professionals come in and teach the staff things such as first aid, CPR, etc the professionals teaching them told this.

  10. @ Meryl A – Your innocent interpretation is very touching, but she’s not handing over the gun to prevent it from being misused, quite the contrary: she is deliberately asking the salesperson to take a potshot at one of her earlobes.

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