1. Is the ‘oy’ on the name of the truck? I’ve heard of food trucks and taco trucks but I am struggling to come up with anything close to ‘portmanteau truck’.

  2. As kids, we all hated sporks(*), but it was worth suffering through the few years in which they were inflicted upon us by the school cafeteria, just to be able to appreciate the scene in “WALL-E”, in which he can’t decide where to put one.

    P.S. (*) – They were too uncomfortable in the mouth for service as a spoon, and utterly useless as a fork.

  3. P.P.S. The author(s) missed a golden opportunity: this one should have been signed “Wayaro” or “Pirayno“.

  4. I wonder the same thing. If the truck name is part of the joke then I don’t get it. Maybe some USA cultural reference that I’m not familiar with.

  5. This one was funnier without the caption. I get it now with Powers’ help – not so much a pun as a weird attempt to make a portmanteau out of the words “portmanteau” and “tow truck” – but it’s not a proper portmanteau (a single word formed by combining two words, eg BReakfast + lUNCH = BRUNCH or CHuckLE + snORT = CHORTLE). It just falls a little flat to me.

  6. I agree that the joke would have been a little better if snack bar had been a trailer, pulled by an authentic “Portmantow-Truck”, but seeing as the title of the business (“Brunch”) and at least three of the items on its menu are actual “portmanteaus”, I think the pun qualifies. Whether anyone likes it is a matter of personal taste.

  7. P.S. On his blog, Wayno mentions the possibility of including “Frappuccino“, but he doesn’t reveal whether this was an accidental or intentional omission. If the latter, it might have been because he was worried that he might have to put a “™” or “®” after the name.


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