OK, technically not a CIDU, but …

From chemgal, who indicates that she *did* get it (tho it took a moment). But she calls it CBWU and explains “It took me a moment to get [Friday’s] Arlo and Janis. Given it’s a cat comic, I’m pretty sure that Bill would not have understood it.”

However, the premise is not quite up-to-date. Nowadays, it would be more likely an email.


  1. I’ll take up Bill’s rein. I don’t quite get what’s going on. He’s trying to get the cat into the travel case (or whatever it’s called) by tempting it with treats, ok. But what does a postcard have to do with it? Did he get a postcard from some friends on holiday and they have decided to join them, hence taking the cat to the kennel (or wherever it is you take cats when you’re away)? I think that’s a lot to assume, if so.

    If there’s something I’ve missed, I’d welcome an explanation.

  2. Oh, and the cat has seen the postcard and has worked out the whole scenario, not being fooled by the temptation of treats. Lots to assume, I feel.

  3. I get reminder postcards from the vet, and I didn’t get it until I read Usual John’s comment. I was trying to figure out the vacation angle, too.

  4. CBWU has me stumped.

    When I had two cats, they knew the cage meant Bad Things. I learned the hard way that the first action in the morning was to close the door to my bedroom with the waterbed (yes, this was 40 years ago). Otherwise when I got the cage out, they knew to hide behind there because there was no way to get them out. Instead, they’d go racing down the hall, turn toward that bedroom, BOUNCE off the closed door, and veer into the opposite bedroom. Whence I’d walk in with the cage, close the door, and say “OK boys, come to Papa…”

    But no, they could not read. At least, I’m pretty sure they couldn’t…

  5. @Phil, if you mean you don’t know what it stands for, CBWU = “Comic Bill Wouldn’t Understand.” Bill was notorious for not understanding cat comics.

  6. I’ve never heard of those reminders referred to as postcards, so I was thinking of vacation too. I second Phil’s routine with getting the cat into a carrier. We currently have a dog that won’t jump into the car even though he’s capable. It’s odd to me because 95% of the time we take him in the car, it’s somewhere he likes, such as the dog park.

  7. I leave my cat carriers out, with towels in them, and the cats use them as hiding/sleeping spots. Which makes getting them in there slightly less traumatic. They don’t mind the carrier until the door is closed, so catching the first cat is relatively easy…

  8. When I saw this comic I thought about sending it in as a comic Bill wouldn’t have understood. It was interesting timing since I had just taken my cats to the vet earlier in the week. I didn’t get a postcard reminder though, just email. My cats don’t like their carriers, but even after putting the first one in her carrier I was able to get the other one.

  9. jjmcgaffey, Try using two carriers. Once you have a cat in each one, put them end to end and open the doors. It’s how I transfer two ferals.

  10. I sure couldn’t tell, from the appearance. The “storyline” would suggest fur. And of course some cats do shed a lot when feeling stressed.

  11. JJ, we have 5 cats. We never take more than three of them at a time to the vet. With the cat carriers out, and towels laid nicely in the bottom, the cats love to sleep in there. Unfortunately it’s never the ones we need to take….

  12. I am so glad that I only have my teddy bears (hundreds of them – mostly figurines, though lots of stuffed one also, Robert started counting the Christmas setup and swears I fit in more than 300 of them – figurines). They have a medical center in their village with two very nice doctor bears and three very nice nurse bears (and only medical bear is holding a needle syringe). We never have to get them into the car for medical help.

    At the start of the pandemic they all went “home” and stayed there except the emergency personnel. Panda Panda (fish and vegetarian food) restaurant, Honey Pot store and restaurant, and the produce store remained open for deliveries and pick up in those early days and Papa Panda would be seen out delivering for all 3. Doctor and nurse bears seen wandering around. One bear out exercising (as allowed back at the start) on his roller skates and Charles Friedbear CBA (Certified Bear Accountant) had setup his annual popup office under the town tree (since at first tax preparers were told it okay for them to be seeing clients). Mr. Friedbear is very honest – it says so on his sign – “Honest accountant. No tax return too large or too small”

    They are apparently much easier to take care of than real pets.

    (Hey, we are two old people who have been in our house for most of the last 2 years and we need something for entertainment – though the bears have our entertainment for decades before.)

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