1. Even if it is a two-storey house, the ceilings are so low that the overall height is small enough to be reached without a ladder.

  2. P.S. Given the size of the brush, roller, and paint can, Wayno appears imply that the house is really small, but that would seem to preclude Snow White from fitting into it.

  3. “My eyes? Well, it turns out if you eat just a little bit of the apple, it’s pretty groovy!”

  4. Just checking the Disney artwork, their cottage doesn’t appear to be particularly tiny. 🙂


    Well, it won’t actually be very explanatory, as spoilers go. So maybe just WAYNO WARNING.
    After a few newlines, I will paste the portion of Wayno’s blog where he addresses this cartoon. …



    The contractors carry tarps for the job in their back pockets, and the customer added a "no whistling" clause to the agreement.

  6. And from senior partner Dan Piraro on the Bizarro Blog, commenting on the weekday panels:


    No matter what you say about this one, you run into internal logic problems. So I’ll say nothing.

  7. While looking thru these from last week, I realized belatedly that I had not actually properly understood this one:

    I thought when he had tried to use it, it had spattered him with dirt. But no, it seems more likely he had a real fire and grabbed this extinguisher to try to put it out. The dirt is soot and ash from the fire, which did not get put out at first, using this.

  8. “No matter what you say about this one, you run into internal logic problems.”

    And, as we’ve noted, external logic problems too.

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