1. I don’t get it either.

    I know there is a leprechaun character used in Lucky Charms cereal advertising. But is that phrase used in those commercials? Does it mean something special?

  2. Well a search in Urban Dictionary says “magically delicious” is used by a larger man (usually in prison) to describe a smaller man he has an interest in. It seems a bit obscure to hang a joke on, but would explain the side-eyes he’s getting from the large gentlemen at the bar.

  3. Yes, the leprechaun in the Lucky Charms commercials does say they’re “magically delicious”. And Philip (nice name, and spelled right 🙂 ) may be onto something, though if so, Deering’s judgment is in question.

  4. I think suburban sprawl has reached Cut and Shoot enough that there actually is a diner there now.

  5. Yes, I knew the leprechaun calls Lucky Charms “magically delicious.” No, I did not know that had any other meaning, nor that Cut and Shoot was an actual place in Texas. This one truly deserved the CIDU tag. I agree with Phil that it’s a questionable joke at best.

  6. It seems a little revolting to create a comic based on anything listed in the “Urban Dictionary”.

    P.S. Several years ago, after a series of less than savory (definitely NSFW) U.D. links had shown up in CIDU comments, Bill decided to place the U.D. URL on the automatic “send to moderation” firewall list. I thought it was a brilliant solution. This was before the GoDaddy meltdown torched the old CIDU server, so it may not have survived into the current settings.

  7. I see what you’re figuring there, Kilby, but as far as I can tell from a quick look it is more coincidental, and less thought-out, than you are inferring.

    (For those on the sidelines, both Philip’s earlier comment about the alt definition, and Kilby’s first comment discussing propriety, were briefly held in moderation then manually released.)

  8. I doubt this is anything more than he has drawn attention to himself and now everyone knows he is a leprechaun (in case the outfit, ears, and accent didn’t give it away). He is in danger of being captured and having to ransom his pot of gold.

    The joke could be that, somehow, despite his outfit, appearance and accent, the thing that does make people notice him is talking about his magically delicious cereal. His bad decisions start WAY before he said a word, so it is funny that is the part he regrets.

  9. P.S. I am shortly going out and will not be in touch with the Internet for much of the day, so I hope nobody will want to try experiments with the moderation system at this time! 🙂 (Winter Wallaby is I believe also occupied with real life most days in this time slot.)

  10. Good point TedD: a leprechaun even before saying or doing anything outre, would have some trouble fitting in to small-town Texas milieu.

  11. Yeah, TedD, that’s how I took it. When you’re small and odd, it doesn’t pay to draw attention to yourself. It’s like going into a biker bar and ordering milk. (Flashback to James Garner doing that in Victor/Victoria).

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