Merry Christmas!

[2021-12-25 Repost + additions]

Reposting our message from last year, with new cartoons added in the body of the post (below last year’s — look for the animated dividers) , and last year’s comments preserved, and open for new comments!

Happy Christmas wishes!

To all who celebrate the holiday, whether as mostly religious or mostly civic

From your 2021 editors, Mitch and Winter Wallaby

[2020-12-25 post unaltered, up to next animated divider]

Merry Christmas, if you’re celebrating!

Is it exciting as an adult to get socks? Sure, they’re useful, but they hardly seem exciting. Is this because I’m a guy, and not attuned to the exciting world of sock fashion?

Is replacing bad bulbs still a thing? Is a tedious search to find the bad bulb still a thing? Were they in 2010? I thought the era where bulbs were connected in a permanent series, so that one bad bulb killed the whole chain was long, long, gone.

Do people still say “shopping days until Christmas”? It seems a bit odd – they’re all shopping days now, right?

Not a CIDU. Just a reminder that you can’t always trust Santa.

[2021-12-25 supplement]

Wait, I know this is seasonal, but is it technically a New Year carol more than Christmas?

Thanks to BillR for this one:

And sort of a combo of the previous two:

Here’s a FoxTrot from 2019, sent in by Berber, who says “I don’t recall seeing very many Foxtrot comics, although Bill Amend loves an Oy as much as the next artist.”

This Curtis is in the Awww basket.

Rob sends in a pair of Falcos on tree behavior!

Liz Climo is always a source for raising positive thinking! Rob suggested one, the other suggested itself! (Via Arnold Zwicky’s blog.)

[Each Climo cartoon has two panels, aligned vertically, with a box around the top one. I hope you don’t have trouble seeing the two instances here.]

And this Loose Parts also is from Rob:

And thanks to Brian Leahy for this real OY! scanned in, which he suggests (and we agree) is probably by Gary McCoy.

Can anybody reconstruct the story-pun about “Rudolf The Red knows rain, dear!” ? Official meteorologist to the First Soviet maybe?

(And let’s just not label this one…)


  1. OMG, Shrug, I haven’t heard that “Rudolph, the Red, knows rain, dear.” in decades! As was said on Laugh-In, “it was a goodie.”

  2. Boise Ed – Are the icicle lights you bought the kind where the icicles just light up or the kind where the light “shoots down the icicle? I ask as Robert was looking for the latter and we returned the strand he bought as it was the former. So it if was the latter – where the lights shoot down the icicle, it would be great to know where you bought it, so he can look for it next year.

  3. I still have not had a chance to remove the lights from the small tree in the Teddy Village and find the bulbs which need replacing so the various items which depend on one these lights working did not work again this year. Even the newer traditional mini bulbs which lock the bulbs in will not work with the various special light covers and plug into the light set items as the lock makes the bulb too big to fit into the light covers and the items which plug into the light sets do not fit in the newer sets (again, not even the incandescent bulbs).

    Our dining room tree and my very small beaded tree (living room also) are not lit so no problems. Our studio tree came with lights on it and they still seem to work okay and are newer mini incandescent bulbs.

    I did get a short set of the LED bulbs with white lights for the window blinds over the tree. It works well – since they are plug in lights I can put them into the same setup to turn on the lights as the tree (when it works again) and the honey store which lights up. The teeny LED lights on the gazebo are battery operated and they don’t always turn on and off. Realized the new battery tea candle light that we bought to replace the one which stopped working does not have timer switch so to have it go on at night I have to take the church off its base to turn on and then to turn off again without breaking any of the nearby teddies including those on the steps of the church.

    And do to the somehow odd December we had – while I had the trees downstairs up and decorated – ditto the room decorations downstairs – I did not get the village setup changed from Thanksgiving until December 26 this year, but it will stay setup until late January or early February when it is switched to Valentine’s Day theme. c

  4. As to socks – well, have not been able to find the ones I like since sometime before the pandemic started and had already started to darn my socks – both because could not find replacements and also it annoyed the heck out of me to toss out a sock due to a hole less than 1/4 inch in size (though some holes are much larger on the heel).

    I also buy all socks to match (or appear to do so) to make matching the pairs easier.

  5. Meryl A: My icicle lights just light up and dangle. I have seen the “shoots down the icicle” kind you mentioned, but don’t have them.

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