Saturday Morning Oys – October 23rd, 2021

Jan’s dating adventure continues. This seems to use a pun on an unspoken characterization.

And it is rather cute to think about how the cymbals can be incorporated into a password. Probably no more annoying than when the form has no way of communicating the legal symbols it will accept to your secure-random-password generator.


  1. I have to think the cymbal play on words has been done before, though I don’t remember any. Just off the top of my head, have a bunch of motorcycle riders playing cymbals and someone off to the side saying “Oh no, they’re using gang symbols”.

  2. Easy enough to add cymbals to a password: the symbol “!” has long been pronounced “Bang”. Also comes in handy in reading frenzied tweets and other posts from a former president, say.

  3. I agree with the “chemistry between us” for the first one. Hence the “nice try” comment.

  4. Camping World is a real, nationwide retailer, though their primary business is RVs. I’m not sure they actually sell tents.

  5. Camping World is chaired and significantly owned by Marcus Lemonis. Regular viewers of “The Profit” will have seen CW show up on occasion.

  6. billytheskink – yes they do carry tents. People actually do sometimes bring tents when traveling in RV – they can put the children in same if there is limited space in the RV.

    Camping World also carries assorted kitchen items needed in RVs, often smaller than normal things – such as small dish drainer – so they do have items which could be used at home – also carry things such as outdoor folding chairs (used to be called beach chairs).

    They are part of Good Sam which sells all sorts of RV items also including club similar to AAA but for RVs, insurance, etc.

    All of these were taken over and combined by ML (as mentioned). Once you buy or request a catalog from them or use any of their services – you hear from them forever!

    When our RV manufacturer went through a mess and was taken over by a European RV manufacturer they discontinued their AAA-like service contracts and we had to buy Camping World one and we constantly get sales pitches from therm in the mail.

    (NO – don’t think of those huge RVs – ours is a converted Chevy 2500 van – it is very “Cozy”.)

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