1. Brian, I figure Lord Flatulance would be saying that mostly about the Kierkegaardians of The Galaxy one. I can’t say there was a really big payoff for me either, though I was half-familiar with some of the names and ideas from Fear and Trembling and also refreshed myself with the Wikipedia link I posted earlier. But it’s just sort of amusing to see those caricatures, not a real comics gag.

    OTOH maybe it would be better if I knew something about Guardians of The Galaxy! All I get is the title, and how it can combine with SK’s name. Maybe somebody else can say if there are allusions to the story or graphical elements.

  2. All you have to know about Guardians of the Galaxy is that they are a band of super-heroes like The Avengers or the Legion of Super Heroes. They were chosen by the cartoonist only for the pun.

    Is there any significance to the Leap of Faith?

  3. Ah. That’s in the fine tradition of such jokes. A similar one ends with “Don’t hatchet your counts before they chicken.”

  4. I had thought that for a long time, but it turns out not. A shaggy dog story should end with no real punchline. The canonical one is, “that dog’s not so shaggy.”

    That being said, I’m not sure of a good term for long ones that end in a pun.

  5. “Shaggy dog story” has two meanings. One is a long story with no punchline. The other is a story that ends with a bunch of puns, like “transporting gulls across staid lions for immortal porpoises.”

  6. There actually WAS a bit of a snack chip shortage recently due to a Nabisco factory workers’ strike

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