Romantic backdrop

Here’s a CIDU from Michelle. We here at CIDU HQ could hardly make sense of it, not being familiar with Wawawiwa at all. Browsing in the archive on GoComics did help considerably, both seeing plenty of recent examples and reading this “About” statement:

Wawawiwa is a series of funny and wholesome comic strips featuring anthropomorphic food, objects and animals inspired by life and family.

Here’s Michelle’s CIDU, which remained puzzling even after getting a little into the Wawawiwa world view:

As an example of WawaWiwa outlook (more about Awww than LOL) here is one from this August, where it doesn’t take much reflection to get the gentle joke.


  1. The shark-on-a-date’s friends are providing ambience for the date by being a starlit night background and a moon of sorts, in an effort to help their friend, and it seems to be working.

    Not funny, but very kind of them.

  2. How else would you get a starlit background out a window when you are underwater? The stars are up from there. You couldn’t see them looking sideways. So the only way to get it would be to have a whale shark (which is black with white dots all over it — do a Google image search, because they look really cool) sit in front of the window, with an anglerfish adding light.

  3. A joke consists of two different meanings. You see a picture and are led to expect one meaning. And then another picture shows that it had a different meaning.

    In this case, you see the first picture, and think you are seeing stars and moonlight. The second picture reveals that you are really seeing two sea creatures.

    Not quite a LOL for me, but not bad.

  4. Nice handling of picture orientation – the light is near the left corner as we see it on the outside (bottom) but was on the right when see from inside (top).

  5. The elephant’s expression changes a little for the third panel – their eye is a curve. That works to signal a smile, for me.
    In case anybody missed it, the peacock is fanning his tail to block visibility of his front, erm, wing entering his PIN.

  6. Mitch, you might be right. Or perhaps the elephant is closing his eye(s) out of courtesy.

    As is often the case with Climo, both of these are a bit twee for my taste. However, they’re clever in their own ways. I can see the appeal.

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