1. I dunno’. Convicts may not be the worst choice to get legal advice from. I would assume that more of them would have knowledge of this than the general population, on average. They have a lot of time and it affects them directly, so it’s probably worth getting to know a little bit about it. Not to mention dealing with lawyers and judges periodically.

  2. Thinking about Stan’s comment, it has become almost a cliché of prison movies that there will be a major demand for law books at a prison library, and that there will be one or two inmates who have self-educated in law via the prison library, and are the guys to go to to prepare your pro-se appeal application when your outside lawyers have given up.

  3. Stan/Mitch4: Those tropes may be common, but that doesn’t make them realistic.
    FTR, never been to prison, have no domain knowledge. Not on my bucket list, either.

  4. “To be fair, Stan, the kid never said either one was a bad choice”

    True, but they do have grumpy faces, and that does seem to be the implication/joke…they’re both useless. In my mind, anyway.

    “Those tropes may be common, but that doesn’t make them realistic.”

    Agreed, but I think they’d have a better time asking a convict about legal issues then me, that’s for sure. My knowledge doesn’t extend much further than don’t steal stuff and wear a seatbelt.

  5. I think the doctrine of “standpoint theory” is way more radical than our editors may appreciate, or these cartoons illustrate.

  6. “Never Trust anyone over 30”, Accredited to Bob Dylan now age 80 but actually was from the Berkeley Free Speech movement and Jack Weinberg

  7. I can’t find a reference, but I remember reading somewhere that a year or two after is 30th birthday, Jack Weinberg started saying “Never trust anyone under 30.” It seems he was disappointed with the younger generation.

  8. “No, bringing an attorney to your interrogation doesn’t make you look guilty. YOU ALREADY LOOK GUILTY!”

  9. I remember reading that “Don’t trust anyone over 30” wasn’t meant to be a general aphorism; it was specific to the cohort of people who were over 30 at that specific moment in time — that is, people born before 1935 or so.

  10. Powers –
    For some reason your post brought up an old memory.

    Husband and I were doing a craft show in a mall some decades ago – we were in our early to mid 30s. I went to have lunch at an Orange Julius while he stayed at the booth. There were two young boys (say 12 years old at most and probably younger) and they kept glancing at me with a “grownup there, have to make sure she is not hearing what we are saying” type of look.

    First time that ever happened to me. It was a shock.

  11. My friend has a ginger (orange/white tabby) cat named Julius. His name is not exactly “Orange Julius” but he is often called that!

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