1. Why would it be slower than walking? Because of knees.

    Jogging tends to be at a really awkward speed for me, which just hurts my knees more.

    Also, because you know that you are doing it for a certain amount of time. If I am walking, I’m just gonna be walking for a few seconds or minutes. If I am exercising, I’m stuck doing that for half an hour or whatever, and I wanna save energy.

  2. Old people do everything more slowly; Dave Barry had a line about trying to get his old parents (grandparents?) to go somewhere, and that they walk so slowly they are actually moving backwards. I can relate.

  3. Um… When did “pluggers” come to mean “old”.

    Anyhoo, I figure the humor of this is just absurd exaggeration. A bit like “If you were any later you’d pass yourself on the way out”.

  4. Woozy, I think it has all along been something of a one-way entailment. Plugger does imply old, but that’s not all there is to it. There’s supposed to also be something like what has come to be called grit, or some sense that someone “keeps on plugging along”.

  5. woozy,

    I’ve always found ‘pluggers’ to be about seniors.

    I don’t think it’s absurd, though. If I had to jog, it’d be way slower than just walking, and I walk at a snails pace

  6. I always figured pluggers were blue collar and if there was an age it was middle-aged. And, yes, if there was a generational aspect to Pluggers then… yes, they are getting up there… but the idea of being a Plugger, as implied when the strip began, wasn’t exactly an age component… and vice-versa, the age component of slowing down would apply every bit as well to an aging boomer or a post-yuppie as it would to a plugger.

  7. I consider myself a Plugger, and I don’t jog. However, I do jiggle.

    I blame The Great Vowel Shift.

  8. Good one Shrug!

    Tangentially, I’ve been noticing variants in pronunciation of ogle (and derivative forms). Seen it spelled oggle and have heard it pronounced in the way I think would match that spelling (differing from my pronunciation with initial long o, “Oh guul”). Not as common but in a podcast I clearly heard a third pronunciation, which would be spelled oogle (beheaded Google!).

  9. Mitch, I also pronounce ogle as /ˈoʊɡəl/ , and note that the dictionary sites I checked also give that as standard. I haven’t heard or seen written the other pronunciations (and spellings) you mention — but there is probably something to be said for oogle, which just by the sound already feels a bit weird and creepy!

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