1. Echoing what she knows is coming and has been asked countless times.

    Couldn’t tell from the main strip whether that white thing on the dog’s collar was his tag or his tongue. The bonus panel makes that clear.

  2. I interpreted it that opposite way. It’s kind of a thing these days for pet owners to take umbrage at people who come up and start petting their dogs without asking permission (umbrage because some dogs are mildly/minimally socialized and strangers petting them can confuse their sense or order). So she shouting this out ahead of time. It’s a bit like shouting “you’re welcome” after a rude person.

    Am I the only one who’s getting kind of sick of bonus panels that add nothing and most detract for the original intent?

  3. Woozy, I mostly agree with your take, that the dog owner is anticipating the stranger wanting to pet the dog and is being loud and derisive to fend off the approach.

    That may not really be the opposite of the previous comment, from Mark H., which was just saying she is anticipating a request or approach, and I think was noncommittal as to whether such would be welcomed or even allowed.

    Another angle: Does it make any difference that “YOUR” is written “UR”? Or does it just mean that the writer is from the texting generation and regards this as fairly normal?

  4. I agree with Carl, it’s probably the person in the cartoon, not the cartoonist, who would be a “UR” user. …

    However, that does raise the usual question, of what a nonstandard spelling in dialog balloon means, when the pronunciation (probably) does not differ at all. It’s kinda like the author suggesting “this is how this character might well write this, if they were writing it out for some reason”. Like “sez” for “says” in Moon Mullins or Popeye.

  5. I once asked a person walking is (very large) dog in the park if I could pet him, and he said, “sure” and when I started to, he added ‘If you want to lose your hand’.

    Takes all kinds, I guess.

  6. And of course there’s the old “Does your dog bite?” “No.” “Well then —-OWWWHHH! You said your dog doesn’t bite!” “That is not my dog.” joke.

    But we all know that one, so I won’t bother to quote it.

    Er. . . .

  7. Somewhat off topic, in some video games your character can pet the dog that appears. Even Cerberus, the three-headed guardian of Hell, likes to be petted. Someone started a Twitter account “Can you pet the dog?” that tracks the games in which you can pet the dog.

  8. The (apparent dog owner repels a person by saying what they were about to say, and they are uncomfortable and leave without asking. The dog looks unhappy about not being petted, and the owner barks, in order that the dog will be similarly uncomfortable and let it go.

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