Is this in the 21st century?

This isn’t a CIDU, but: does this resonate with anyone? Or make sense for anyone you know in the 21st century? The idea that you’d need to keep it secret from your spouse that you spent some time with a member of the opposite gender seems really, really, really outdated.

I think my wife would be interested to find out that I met her doppelganger.

Also, a separate question for golfers: Do golf courses really just pair you up with random other golfers? Why? Or is this just a plot device?


  1. Golf courses will pair you up, but usually only if you request it. Depends on how busy they are. One foursome takes up less time than two twosomes, so they might encourage it during busy times.

    I doubt they’d pair up men and women, though.

  2. I think they women golfers are supposed to be much younger and more attractive than Lois, not doppelganger. Spending the next 3 to 4 hours with two young, attractive women while you are now out for the third day in a row away from your wife is probably not what she wants to hear.

    Yes, golf courses will pair up players. As mentioned, foursomes seem to be where the most efficiency lies. I’ve been paired up with both men and women.

  3. If they’re going to be outdated, they should go the whole way with it. Maybe Lois will be waiting for him with a rolling pin.

  4. Public courses in particular will compel a group of less than 4 to take on singles or pairs to get you up to 4, just to maximize flow-through. Golf etiquette says you should just smile and make the most of it. When OJ Simpson was out of jail he used to show up at courses alone and ask to be added to groups. Awkward…

  5. TedD: I get that Jill is supposed to be younger than Lois, but she still looks like her doppelganger.

  6. Does it resonate? Well, yes and no but as a joke with a punchline, mostly no.

    I once was doing some freelance website work for a neighbor. He had a small business printing posters. He rented a small workspace in one of those once industrial parkways. He was a middle aged married guy and his hirees/partners were similar. The working space next to his was a company that designed costumes for plays and/or them parties. That business was run by two women in their thirties. So one day, can’t remember why, I think it was one of the womens birthday or it was their companies anniversary or they were celebrating a contract or something and they had sheet cake and beer. And for reasons or other (probably because there were only two of them), they asked the guys in the poster printing space in for cake an… beer, somehow there was beer as well but the poster guys may have provided that. Anyway… to get to the lack of point of this non-story at one my neighbor turned to his business partner and raised an eyebrow and said “How’s this for the end of the week. Beer. Women.”

    He didn’t really mean very much by it and I felt it was a bit outdated and odd and I felt a little awkward by it. But he certainly didn’t have any delusions it was anything other than what it was he was engaging in a bit if middle-age man whimsy. It happens and it could happen as in this strip. But… it’s not really funny enough in this day and age to make it to a strip and the audience isn’t likely to be that entertained.

  7. Yes, WW — they look so similar that I thought the joke was that Lois went to the golf course too, until I read the last panel.

  8. ” I get that Jill is supposed to be younger than Lois, but she still looks like her doppelganger.”

    Jill does look like Lois’ doppelganger. But, weirdly, Hi does not look like his doppelganger. Why’s he so tall, thin, and young looking?

  9. Hi does not look like his doppelganger. Why’s he so tall, thin, and young looking?

    He’s sucking in his gut and rolling back his shoulders.

  10. I figured from various movies that the courses will try to make 2s and 1s into 4s for play.

    I played gold on a course once – at the Concord Hotel. My gym teacher had taught us to play on the school grounds – practice in the gym involved golf balls nested in Barbie sized dolls’ wigs to practice teeing off as tees would damage the gym floor if we even tried to stick them into the floor.

    A few years later we were going to the Concord. He had a partial set of clubs from when his father had him take golfing lessons. (“You need to know how to play golf to do business with others” – per his dad.) They had a full golf course and an 9 hole course. Robert said that anyone serious would be on the 18 hole and we would play on the 9 hole. I did much better than him, but of course we were both terrible. I hit the ball straight ahead even if relatively short distances. He hit the ball much further – but not in the direction we were going. Then, some how we teed off at the something like the 6th hole and when we got to the actual hole it was the 8th hole. We played from there and did not go back.

    If the point is to have fun – I had fun, him not so much.

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