1. The penguin, being eco-friendly is concerned about bringing water in from far away. However the company selling the spring water has bought the local spring. They are now selling what was previously free to all.

  2. Aha! So you’re saying the person on the right is NOT another local resident, but part of the company taking over. And in turn, the different utterances of OUR(S) mean different things. Well that was the problem — it felt self-contradictory when I thought they were all locals.

  3. I thought it might be commenting on how some spring water comes from a faucet of some kind, and not the pristine mountain springs we might think of. The bottled water might contain minerals, and so might the stuff that comes from the home tap. The bottled water is marketed to be more appealing.

  4. When I was still a productive member of society, we used to get bottled water at some meetings and special events. Frequently this was Megacorp branded water. Reading the fine print, it was filtered water from Missouri American Water.

  5. We’ve been drinking bottled water since the pandemic started – sort of.

    Husband does not like drinking water and does not like drinks which are not COLD. Solution – I took the two larger (quart) that we fill with water and put in the RV fridge when we go on trips and have been keeping them both filled since the pandemic started. So we are drinking bottled water which is tap water. (When one bottle is used up or almost so – I refill it so we never run out.

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