Bonus: You call that bliss?

Since this morning’s CIDU (from Arctic Circle) was put to rest so quickly, by more-perceptive CIDUers correcting my misunderstanding of the group identification of the characters, let’s have a look at another, which was languishing in the “we’re not at all sure what to think about this one” queue.

Whaa…? Clearly the dog is thrilled about the fancy occasion meal setup! But are these actually good eating for a dog? Has the fish been filleted?
Meanwhile, what’s up with the guy? Is he depressed, and giving in to smoking and drinking? Or just tired out by working so hard for the CBF’s [Canine Best Friend’s] special day? And is his “Voilà.” just like “Here ya go!”? Or more layered?


  1. This does not look like the same guy we usually see in Bliss cartoons, but I think the dog is the same as usual. Is she always called Cindy though? Or could that be the name of this one’s date, expected to arrive shortly?

  2. The guy lost a bet or a dare to the dog, and this is the required payoff. “You will cook and serve me a restaurant-quality meal, with full ambiance and place setting. ” And then the “Voila” means “Here it is, now we’re even”.

  3. A CritiqueIDU to a CIDU

    “But are these actually good eating for a dog?” Why would that be relevant? Whatever the joke is supposed to be it certainly hinges on the being a fancy specific high-end fine dining for the dog in contrast with the utter despair of a human. Whether the meal is healthy or even safe doesn’t seem to be important.

    I the dvandom describes what I think the intent is probably. He goes out of his way to give the dog a lush life while his is one of squalor and despair. FWIW I think his “Voila” was supposed sincere although it’s practically impossible to depict a man in depressed squalor saying “Voila” without making it look like he’s being sarcastic.

  4. “But are these actually good eating for a dog?”

    Sorry, that way of putting it missed the real point: not asking if it would be enjoyable, but if it would be safe. Are poultry and fish bones okay to give to dogs? That’s better reflected in the question “Has the fish been filleted?”

  5. ” Are poultry and fish bones okay to give to dogs? ”

    No. They are not. Everything about this (including the open flame of the candle) is dangerous for dogs.

    But … is that really important to either understanding, not understanding, or conceiving the existence, of a cartoon?

  6. I suppose we could interpret this extremely darkly that the drunk has a very passive aggressive relation with the dog and is subconsciously (a even surconciously “accidentally on purpose”) trying to kill the dog but that if very dark and cynical and almost certainly not the intent.

  7. I like Danny Boy‘s explanation that the guy lost a bet (quite possibly to the dog), and treating the dog to a fancy dinner is the payoff.

    However, I can’t see anything supporting the fact that a bet was made (and lost). It makes a lot of sense, though.

    So if the “losing a bet” storyline isn’t correct, then it seems to me that the dog (Cindy?) was able to sweet-talk the man and convince him that she deserved a candlelit dinner. Dogs and puppies can do “cute” and have been known to sweet-talk their owners into doing things they would not ordinarily do.

    It’s also possible that this candlelit dinner is actually meant for the dog and his date (Cindy?), as deety pointed out. Either way, the dog was able to get his/her way into getting a dinner that the human (waiter?) would not ordinarily provide.

  8. “But look at her little tail wagging so fast. That makes you want to do everything in your power to make her happy.”

  9. It is akin to being startled watching a quiet, meek, shy person suddenly break out into a powerful opera voice and carry it beautifully.

    The joke is that a slovenly guy can produce something completely unexpected in the form of a well prepared and elegant meal with no detail left undone. Particularly for one he loves.

    It is a trope of some sort that when an artful meal has been prepared it is revealed with a flourish and “voila!” The guy obviously can prepare tasty and fancier meals which he has done for the dog. He is not without the knowledge and ability to create such things. He own person tastes are far simpler. A hard drink and a cigarette. He personally has no desire or need to get dressed up and enjoy an elegant meal, but can produce one.

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