1. Notice the frame numbering. It appears she’s whacking an incoming trash can with a golf club. Other than that, I got notning.

  2. Yes, and the frame numbering I take it is meant to interact with the physical layout of frames. That is, we might ask Why put the final frame 8 in first position if not just to be perverse with us? But there is an answer, that the top-left position given to 8 represents where the trash can goes flying after she strikes it. And in 6 we can sort of see that is where she is sending it, and in 7 we see that is where she is visually following it. Her line-of-sight from 7 goes right to 8.

    Mark H, I’m glad you called it a trash can, I was having trouble with its size and tried to to think of it as a beer or soda can. But clearly trash can, from the lid style and can ridges.

    The golf club doesn’t say “putter” to me, it could be any Iron.

  3. Okay on the frames, but behind that, what is going on? Is this a sport? Like skeet shooting? Or a yard cleanup? Or defending the property from flying objects in a gale?

    I know! Let’s go check in the Comments on Gocomics! 🙂

  4. I think the frames are in position physically (except the second row of panels are supposed to be to the right of the first row– not directly below) but the numbers are time. So she runs across a field to her right; whacks the heck out of a garbage can; the garbage can flies to the left past her starting point (in panel 2) to the strips starting point (in panel 1).

    But why on earth that is supposed to be a joke is utterly beyond me.

  5. Woozy, I would think that all the previous comments about frame numbering take it for granite that the numbers indicate time.

  6. As deety and probably others know full well, gocomics permanently has no comment section for a few comics, including this one.
    This comic having suggestive content, I can sorta see how they could have been done away with, if they ever were allowed at all. I, myself, have looked for its comments in vain. GC did away with other comic’s comment sections for various reasons.

    Some people left Arcamax when a comic lost its comments and alluded to that situation in coming over to GC, as I recall. Also some comics draw a certain crowd which checks in each day and generates hundreds of comments, some not even about the comic, like a coffee klatch. But some are dropped by GC in some manner of judgment. Which ones and why?

  7. 9CWL has no comments at the request of the creator, who got tired of dealing with the “beefwits” who complained about how the strip had started sucking pretty badly.

  8. My question is why is she running so fast (I love the life in McEldowny’s illustrations) to get to the position where she does her swing?

  9. I read comics in bunches, say a week’s worth at a time, and it makes me realize that some of the comics shouldn’t be read that way. 9CWL is one of them. I guess I’m looking for more humor and less ‘I can draw girls!’

  10. Of all the great comic strips, I’ve been introduced to by CIDU, “9 Chickweed Lane” has been my favorite, and is a gift for which I cannot give enough thanks to the gods, Brooke, and the original pre-blog CIDU site .

    (My bias: My hobbies, exclusively, (except for the now-rare snow skiing and tennis), have been swing dancing, contact improvisation, and Argentine tango for the last 30 years (oh, the beauty of assured physical contact wherever I may go in the world). 9CL did Argentine Tango outings right (except for not showing the practice needed like it did with Edda’s ballet practice before she went all piano). I grew up on a 9-mile lake and so I feel every dive off the pier they do.)

  11. Kevin A asks: My question is why is she running so fast (I love the life in McEldowny’s illustrations) to get to the position where she does her swing?

    I guess it’s simply to get in position, and it’s heading for that spot toward the right, pretty fast.
    At 4 she seems to have paused running and is looking back to check on the flight path. Then in 5 she is doing a backswing and ready to strike – her legs are flexed for something, yes, but I think just powering the swing, not again running.

  12. When an idea of Edda’s becomes an urge, it’s best to stand out of her way; she’s very expressive. : – ) = : – 0

  13. As Danny Boy said, it could be any iron – except a 1 iron. Even God can’t hit a 1 iron (stolen from Chi Chi Rodriguez).

    And like Keven, I was introduced to 9CWL through CIDU.

  14. I guess I’m looking for more humor and less ‘I can draw girls!’

    Most girls I know actually have chins….

  15. @Kevin I get how your biases might influence why you like the strip, but doesn’t Brooke’s fixations with sex in public places; the sexual awakenings of 13 year-old girls; couples constantly dry humping in diners; the odd pairing of highly sexual, identically beautiful women with fumbling, geeky, totally unlikeable men; the condescending nature of every single character; the turtleneck fetish; the strapped high heel fetish; etc. etc. etc. bother you just a tad? Brooke is one messed up dude.

  16. If you want more humor and less “I can draw girls!”, try reading the first couple of years of the strip. They’re actually funny!

  17. Thanks, Lord F, for pointing out that Arcamax carries comments for 9 Chickweed Lane.

    I looked up their page for this episode, and there was just one comment, with 3 Likes and no replies. The commenter basically has the same questions in general that we have been asking here, but no answers. (Also a moment of complaint, which may reinforce the point that the artist probably has no reason to welcome comments.)

    The Arcamax page

  18. The poses appear to be a baseball swing, not a golf swing. She also seems to be running to the next base. The title “I hope that’s not a putter” suggests that the humor is related to hitting the wrong object with the wrong object. Everything is wrong, including the frame numbering.

  19. The title “I hope that’s not a putter” suggests

    Just to be sure it’s clear, that title comes from CIDU site editorial, not in any way authorized by 9CWL comics

  20. I think Daniel is on to something- that is a baseball swing, not a golf swing and it looks like Edda is running from something (perhaps the garbage can?). I still can find no humor, irony or satire in the setup, unless McEldowny is making some snarky comment about sports and the plebes who pursue them.

    I do agree with Powers- the early years of 9CWL were funny. I have the current and the classic 9CL adjacent in my Go Comics feed which make the decline in humor painfully apparent.

  21. That really isn’t a baseball swing, either. Look at the stance. It is not a baseball stance at all. The right leg starts behind and across the left leg, which no hitter would ever do, and the left leg finishes behind and across the right leg, which again isn’t a baseball swing. I have no idea what kind of a swing that is, other than useless. The grip is wrong for baseball. I don’t see baseball players with a finger extended down the barrel of the bat. That is a good way to break a finger.

  22. I assume it’s just an excuse to draw her legs and butt…. But(t) I know very little about 9CWL other than the cartoonists … interests…

  23. I immediately saw it as a typical galvanized steel trash can with the wire handles on the sides. Then it struck me that younger folks might not actually see what’s happening.
    Realizing that times have changed, I did a 15-minute search and there are no plastic trash cans that look like what was once the ubiquitous American trash can.

  24. I don’t think I’ve seen one of those old metal ones out on the curb in a long time. More and more, the wheelie bins have been the norm. My city issued one each for trash and recycling, and most of the trucks are the ones with the grabber arms.

  25. But they still have them in parks or outside some stores.

    If it had been a divot of dirt I would have gotten it but … I don’t get it.

  26. “But they still have them in parks or outside some stores.” But the ones I see are pretty old and pretty banged up.

  27. Chak – I also read the comics online a week at a time so you are not the only one.

    I had been reading comics online at a site other than gocomics, which I cannot remember the name of, which switched to read 7 days of comics free and to go back further one had to pay and join. Since my “I read my comics on Mondays” does not always work out to be on same (such as today is Tuesday and I am finishing up yesterday’s comic reading) I would miss out on comics due to the change – in addition somehow they ran all the posts for each different strip into one list of posts – terribly confusing to have people replying to different day’s strips in one set of comments.

  28. It takes me a long a time just to read a day’s worth of strips. I can’t imagine a week’s worth.

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