1. Was the site down for a time or something? Coming in at 2:30 PM (CDT) I’d expect more than two comments since last night.

  2. I also was wondering about technical glitches, but there didn’t seem to be something of the sort going on.

    So I guess a combination of the holiday weekend and some non-provoking postings.

  3. Well, it is now 7:00pm EDT and we’re only up to 4 posts (counting this’un), so my vote is for the holiday weekend. However, I generally visit here once a day, but I usually don’t make a comment, so there’s that possibility. Everybody is quietly contemplating the occasion.

  4. Oh, all right. I’m trying to clean the house and do yardwork because we have family members coming in from out of state in a couple of days. Nothing to do with the long weekend, though. I’m just busy. As no doubt are others.

  5. Are you all happy with the “lactose indifference” label? Or would you like to see it explicitly working off of the standard expression, as “lactose tolerance”.

  6. Lactose occurs only in milk, not in various juices, like soy juice and almond juice. So that cartoon is just wrong. And “Loctose Tolerant” would be a funnier joke. I can see why dairy farmers want to stop nut and bean juice vendors from calling their liquids milk. Though coconut milk is standard usage, so I guess that could be grandfathered.

  7. But if he is lactose indifferent, he doesn’t care if it is cow juice or some other juice, or just water for that matter. I think the cartoon as presented seems fine.

    Another joke could have been “cheese, butter, milk, yoghurt – don’t care, I am lactose indifferent” – in which case he would be indifferent to the varying level of lactose in the the substrates on which the lactose manifested itself.

  8. I agree with narmitaj and whoever else is saying “lactose indifferent” is fine — he’s indifferent to whether his foods contain lactose. Also a bit of a side-step since “lactose intolerant” is not describing a person’s attitude or affect, but rather that their body does not react well to lactose.

  9. You can use “milk” for almond milk and soy milk but you can’t say “cream” for the filling of a Twinkie. You have to call it “creme.”

  10. Years ago I tried almond milk at Costco. I like milk (when I was young in the 1950s there were numerous public health campaigns on “how to get Johnny to drink milk” and my family would joke that they needed help in getting Meryl to drink less milk) and I like almonds. I took one sip and it went back into the cup. It tasted like almonds floating in water – ewwww. People on a Diabetes discussion group I am on love almond milk, I am not sure why. Maybe if it is only used in coffee or cooking it is better?

    Shrug – we found a way to stop having to clean up when people are coming over – since we had bedbugs about 10 years ago – the other time someone other than us in the house is needed service work and I have to go and stand in the back of the living room in terror of bedbugs again while Robert deals with them. (We also don’t go to other people’s house unless an emergency – such as police calling that my then 90yo mom called them as she “heard” her neighbors threatening to kill her and they found her walking a block from the house – how she picked us to be the ones called showed that there really is sense in her head despite things like this – we don’t have to get up work in the morning and live the closest to her. (She no longer lives alone.)

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