1. BTW, we could use submissions / contributions of all basic types: CIDU, LOL, Oy. And please help us expand our collective horizons – let’s hear from some readers who might be new contributors, and/or comic strips and sources not so frequently featured here. Thanks!
    (To cidu dot submissions at gmail dot com)

  2. Is the PC&Pixel showing a similar fate — the person growing into the substance of the furniture? Or has the ” couch potato” person just become thin and floppy like a vegetable?

  3. I don’t follow Zits–can the exaggeration of a foot-high mouth occur in regular continuity or only in a dream? I presume the latter.

  4. The Saturday ZITS did not continue that thread. I think it’s done, unless there’s a surprise coda on Monday.

    I don’t know if dream is precisely what we should regard it as. But neither is it supposed to be what really happened. Maybe “interpretive experience”.

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