1. The “Last known photo” is the one found on the person’s camera after their or someone’s death, often in a tragic or dramatic situation. “This is the last known photo of Mr. Hammerstein, who hasnot been seen since March 12.”

  2. Sure. And? Does that setting cause the subject of the photo to disappear? Really not sure the comic provides enough to hang an actual joke on.

  3. I have most of the same questions chipchristian does. It’s like this would be part of the set-up section in an eerie-supernatural movie, meant to suggest something a little bit off which will be an intriguing or mysterious element. But here we’re not going to get the continuation of the story, so it’s an open question whether this is enough of a frisson in itself.

  4. If you use the “Last known photo” setting, it will apparently make sure it’s the last known photo you take.

  5. It’s not last known photo taken by the camera, it’s last known photo of the subject. If you use that setting, whatever you take a picture of will be killed/destroyed before anyone else can take another photo. It’s a camera version of the Death Note.

  6. Or the Dead Man’s Exposure.
    If exposure even makes sense for digital camera.
    “For when you take
    that dead man’s shot
    your photography days are up.”
    Dylan – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Ansel

  7. I took it to mean you use a camera sporadically and need to refresh your memory of how to use it and your muscle memory, and you hit a file list of the last time you used it…. and you see it was that awkward trip to Homer Alaska in 2007 and you remember how you intended to you it more but there was this one buggy inefficient way of transfering photos to computer directories but the iPhotos software never worked as intuitively and never flowed smoothly that it was just easier to just… stop taking photos… but now you want to again but you are annoyed that you never did develop a workflow that actually worked and are annoyed at yourself for being so inelastic and you look at the date 2007 … was that really 14 years ago and you’ve just gotten that much more stuck and… eff it… you go into a spiral depression and … all you wanted to do was use a camera you hadn’t used in a while.

    I mean, that’s a common and universal experience isn’t it?

  8. Remember film cameras? Remember getting the roll of film developed and the pictures were, in order: kids opening presents around the Christmas tree, Memorial Day parade, kids at the beach, kids’ Halloween costumes, kids opening presents around the Christmas tree, kids sledding down the hill, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day parade, kids at the beach, kids’ Halloween costumes, kids in the woods picking out a Christmas tree.

  9. Only tangentially relevant, but I once went out with someone who had a nice informally-taken photo, taken by her parents, of her smiling in her college graduation outfit. She said that was the pic she would want to be her “missing or murdered” picture, ie the portrait splashed all over the news if something appalling had happened to her.

    Back then it was still a fairly current picture, as she still just in her 20s. Luckily she is still with us, though now in her 50s, so perhaps she has selected another more up-to-date image. But I wonder if there could be a setting on cameras sold by the cartoon’s shop for “Missing or Murdered Portrait”.

    I like the cartoon, by the way. There is a spookiness to “last known photo” images of murder victims, like, for instance, John Lennon, though that the extra element of having the murderer caught in the same image. Being able to bring this doom on yourself by inexpert twiddling of some fancy camera dial before taking a selfie or a portrait of someone plays on that.

  10. Somehow thinking of the old San Francisco columnist Herb Caen. He described a night spot where flashy bon vivants with hot dates grinned for photographers, adding that these were the pics that would end up in the newspaper captioned “in happier times”.

  11. Mark in Boston –

    When my dad took photos – and he loved to do so – there would color slides, black and white photos, movies and anything else possible. When we would go somewhere – even to the NY World’s Fair for the day – his big briefcase of cameras would come along including spare film and attachments. He also liked to show us how special effects are filmed – but did not always do the followup. The movie he took which shows my sister upside down jumping into the pool which was supposed to be cut and the film section put back so it would look as if she was jumping out of the pool onto the side of it never was edited to same. When I was little he had darkroom equipment and he would let me “help” develop photos in the bathroom in our Brooklyn apartment’s tiny bathroom – he even showed me how to use my mom’s nail polish to cover removed red color from the bulb we used. (My middle sister, I presume, has the photos now.)

  12. My family’s photos and home movies didn’t reach that level of special effects, but did have innumerable shots of my dad or uncle with outstretched hand and a child posed further away so that in theory they would show up as miniatures sitting in the giant’s hand. Or something similar with the beach palm trees.

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