1. What, no Mothers Day cartoons?

    But sorry, I shouldn’t just remark that, I should be more constructive and post something that caught my eye and fits the theme. Uh, nothing ready to hand, yet.

    And I did enjoy several of these. The skulls family at the theatre is a good one! Is that (by process of elimination on the tags) the Mannequin on the Moon?

  2. On the skull-Yorick one – did the news make it over to the other side of the Atlantic that in London a real skull belonging to a chap called André Tchaikowsky – and left deliberately for the purpose to the Royal Shakespeare Company – was used in a production of Hamlet (played by Dr David Who-Tennant) on stage and on TV? No doubt both his parents had pre-deceased him (one for sure in Treblinka) as he was born in 1935 and the production was in 2008, though he had died in 1982.


  3. I didn’t see a lot of Mother’s Day strips today. The usual craziness at Sally Forth, now with Outsider Perspective from Faye. Breaking Cat News was fun.

  4. I never find comics/jokes about the difficulties of parenting amusing. Everybody know that kids are annoying. If you can’t accept that, then why did you have kids in the first place? Quit whining.

  5. Stan, sure it is given that kids’ annoying ways in the end must just be accepted, with tolerance and love. But joking about it can come down either way – as the whining you note, sometimes; but also as a good humored way of getting over it and reinforcing the positives.

  6. “…but also as a good humored way of getting over it and reinforcing the positives”

    To be fair, I think that’s always the intention. However, I get quite tired of hearing parents complaining how hard it is raising their kids. They do it a lot, and sympathy is hard to give when I can ever think is, “Who knowingly chose this lifestyle? I believe it was you. Sheesh. Shut up.”

    Man, I sound like a jerk. However, I’m pretty certain I’m not the only one who thinks this way, even if voicing it on a forum like this is not their style.

  7. Stan, I think this is pretty much a Freeze Peach site. Though there is that No Politics rule, and a civility presumption …

  8. Geez, Stan, kind of harsh.

    There are lots of things I knowingly chose, and where I complain about the negatives. It doesn’t mean that I’m saying that the negative are big surprises, or that I don’t accept that I chose them, or that they overweigh the positives. Just that the negatives are significant and sometimes I feel like complaining about them.

    My job has some significant negative aspects that I complain about. I could quit my job and find another one without those specific negative aspects. I don’t do it because there are positive aspects about my job that outweight the negative ones. But that doesn’t mean that some days there aren’t significant unpleasant aspects of my job that I want to vent about. I don’t feel like the fact that I knowingly chose my job means that I need to shut up about any thing I don’t like about it.

  9. “No Politics rule, and a civility presumption ”

    I’m not sure I mentioned politics, and as I was just relaying to everyone that this is what I think to myself, I don’t think I was being uncivil to anyone in particular. Sorry if you were offended.

    WW – Yea, but everyone has a job. We need a job to survive. It’s not a choice, like having children. Constantly moaning about a choice you freely made gets my goat.

    Anyway, sorry again if anyone thinks I went over the top in expressing my opinions. I was just trying to comment on my impression of this type of comic. I’ll try to be more aware of other people’s sensitivities from now on.

  10. “No Politics rule, and a civility presumption ”
    Stan, that was my only-slightly sardonic noting of how this site is not really a total Freeze Peach venue, not meant to point at you at all.

  11. If I were going to bug you about something, it would be writing Yea for Yeah.

  12. If I were going to bug you about something, it would be writing Yea for Yeah.


  13. “What are you going to do with all your old toys?”
    “I’ll give them to my children.”
    “What if you don’t have any children?”
    “I’ll give them to my grandchildren.”

    Actually you CAN have grandchildren even though you have no children. Just marry someone who has grandchildren.

  14. My old toys? No kid’s going to play with them. They’re COLLECTIBLES now. 🙂

  15. So generally I’m with Stan, only in this case, I actually forwarded the cartoon to my wife, because we know an entitled kid like this (she imperiously asked my wife to fetch her her boots that she had taken off to get on the trampoline, and my wife and I just looked at each other in disbelief, and told her to get ’em herself, and she was terribly miffed; eventually, of course, her mother fetched her boots for her, which is how you get these kind of kids, so you see I’m with Stan here, only in this case, the cartoon shows me (and my wife) that unfortunately this acquaintance is not the only one, they’re all being raised like this now…)

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