1. Everyone fills their house with stuff which they toss when it gets old. Dog does the same thing, but uses a dumpster as a home so he doesn’t, as a middle man, have to buy stuff. It’s pre-tossed.

  2. I agree with Daniel, except I think being the middle man just means taking garbage to the dumpster. Now he can just fill the dog house and let the trash company empty it.

    And I have seen dumpsters with that general shape. The doors on top both swing out.

  3. I’m guessing this is a reference to dogs eating out of the garbage.

    Wikipedia has a pretty good image of a dumpster that very much resembles the one in the cartoon.

  4. So that’s 3 votes for a reference to dogs eating out of the garbage. Why? There’s nothing I see to indicate he’s going to be eating out of his dog house dumpster. What middle man is he skipping by doing this?

  5. They’re bringing the garbage to him, rather than him going to the various receptacles. So more of a “middle action” than a middleman. Or Middleman, Em Em.

  6. So I submitted this, and today when it showed up, I actually saw the dumpsters outside our building, and they are like the ones pictured up-thread, and I instantly got how this joke came about — these dumpsters, seen from the right angle, kind of look like dog houses, just lacking the door — so, add a door, I can hear the cartoonist thinking, and instant doghouse! har, har, hyuck, ahh…! That’s all there is, it was all so clear to me: why a dog? Because it looks like a dog house. Why a dumpster? Because it’s a dumpster that looks like a dog house. Why is he bothering to cut the door in the dumpster and not just live in the dumpster if that’s what he wants? Because that’s reversing causation and explanation, see, it looks like a dog house, this dumpster, it’s just missing a door, see, so all the dog needs to do is add a door to get instant snoopy doghouse, see? and just add some lines about how he’s always wanted to live in a dumpster, my work here is done!

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