1. I like the imprinting one.

    The windmill one can’t really work, because of differences in the grammar expected for the two sides of the pun.

  2. I thought the spider one would be funnier without the caption. After all spider fortune teller isn’t a charlatan if the fortune is “you will be eaten by me, right here, right now”.

    Dana K, not sure what grammar you mean for the windmill one to work but I’m embarrassed to say it took my minutes to figuring it out. I figure “dis” but I couldn’t see what “gusting” had to to will Don Quixote (was his name Gus before he took the Don Quixote mantle? Was it…) …. Oh, now I see what you mean by grammar: “Why do you always have to be disgusting” is neither “Why do you always have to diss gusting” no “why do you always have to be dissing gusting”…. oh, well. Grammar isn’t everything. …. It could work if the dialog was “Why you always be having to dis gusting” Oh, wait… that wouldn’t work either…. well, grammar not every be always thing….

  3. Woozy, an excellent job of (perhaps partly unintentionally) validating Dana’s point that the syntax of that caption is hard to wrestle with.

  4. It’s not the syntax or the grammar that did me it. It was the spacing. If “dis” was spelled “diss” (which is how I think of it) and the offset of “dis” to “gusting” were just a little clearer….

  5. Woozy say: “If “dis” was spelled “diss” (which is how I think of it) and the offset of “dis” to “gusting” were just a little clearer….”

    Naw, if it were “diss” the combining into “disgusting” wouldn’t work anymore. (Even though I agree that “diss” is the way to spell the standalone verb meaning ‘disrespect’.)

  6. I’ve been watching the saga of SW FL bald eagle cam and how the two eaglets had to be taken out of the nest and taken to vet due to severe eye infections. Tonight, I saw their feeding and all the staff wore ‘veils’ so the eaglets wouldn’t imprint on them. Life follows comics . . .

  7. I’ve been watching the saga of SW FL bald eagle cam

    How confusing for me! My high school in Miami was named Southwest, and our mascot/symbol was Eagles.

    Every once in a while (including today, as it happens!) I drive by Benito Juarez Community Academy (High School) in Chicago and see their “Home of the Eagles” outdoor signage, and think about pulling over to take a picture, which I would then post to the Southwest Miami High alumni Facebook group, without identifying the school, and wait for comments pointing out they can’t figure out which side of our building that is, or that the picture of a stylized eagle isn’t in the same design as Southwest uses.

  8. . . . and “why is there snow all around the sign?” would surely be another comment.

    SWFL eagle cam is in Ft Myers, FL, about 2.5 hours drive south of me.

  9. I remember when visiting the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, WI (yes, the same city that’s famous for circus lore), the young are always surrounded by veiled or costumed staff, to avoid imprinting on humans.

  10. Mitch4: That’s really mean; I love it!

    As for the comics, I agree that the Whamond usage is stretched, but it nonetheless made me laugh out loud.

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