1. How many bars allow smoking anymore, I wonder. I know of only one bar in my area that, for whatever reason or whatever exemption it has, allows smoking inside. It’s the ONLY place I’ve ever seen that, both in WI and FL.

  2. I was a little in doubt of the way to understand the first sentence.

    1) “The tough part is that she’s right.”
    2) “She is right in saying that a certain something [about to be filled in] is the tough part.”

    (This in turn affects how to fit in the second sentence.

  3. So…I wondered if it was related to the Whiskey Priest in The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene. Seems unlikely (and definitely “geezer” if so). But then someone pointed out that it may have to do with Buffalo Trace bourbon whiskey. Living in Kentucky I was appalled that didn’t occur to me.

    But I suppose Kevin is right, since it is a water buffalo (not the kind of buffalo for Buffalo Trace). The jk being “You aren’t a water buffalo, you’re a whiskey buffalo!”

  4. I do think that having “Whiskey Priest” in one’s vocabulary makes it easier to accept the formation of “whiskey buffalo” straight off.

  5. I thought “whiskey buffalo” may be a term I hadn’t heard of. Found there was a “buffalo trace whiskey”. Didn’t help.

    “water buffalo” to “whiskey buffalo” makes sense but one does have to have it spelled out. And then one has to dissect and parse the entire writing to realize the trope is a guy is drinking in a bar dejected about his wife saying he’s no good and kicking him out…. and the he says “And the worst part is…. she’s right. I am no good…..”

    This was a really hard joke to read and … it wasn’t really worth the trouble.


    Not familiar with the phrase “whiskey priest” or much of the writing of Graham Greene but I think literature (except maybe pop best seller literature) is exempt from Geezer status. But the do fall into obscure and perhaps overly erudite status.

  6. He’s an African cape buffalo, not an Asian water buffalo, so the water/whiskey connection would never have occurred to me

  7. So if “Whiskey Priest” is a thing, perhaps they should have tried for “Whiskey Beest” with a wildebeest instead of a water buffalo. Still not actually funny but at least it would rhyme.

  8. @Andréa
    In Florida a Bar can allow smoking if, and only if, they don’t serve food.
    Being that most bars that are not part of a restaurant will still serve snacks and appetizers (Buffalo wings, anyway) , very, very few are barebones bars that can allow smoking.

  9. FWIW, there is a band I haven’t heard from in a long while called The Whiskey Priests.

    Apparently the term means someone who doesn’t practice what they preach:

    [Stock Character] A priest or ordained minister who shows clear signs of moral weakness, while at the same time teaching a higher standard. (Wikipedia)

  10. Thanks for posting the link to the show! It let me listen again with my inattention corrected — I was glad to see you did win, too.

    My posting in these threads wasn’t with the idea of having you or anybody hunt down the comments; but on the off chance you are among those who always check the box for “notify me of replies”.

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