1. Well, Falco strikes me as probably a good guy — but there is something uncomfortable about the “going clubbing” pun. Because in the typical caveman tropes, clubbing is not taken as, say, a form of hunting, but rather a stand-in for their form of courting or dating.

  2. I took the “clubbing” part in the cartoon as meaning hunting & goofing off even if it does mean getting food.

  3. The Jeeves cartoon reminds me of one of the first puns I ever encountered. In an old Richie Rich comic book, Richie’s poor friends Freckles and Pee-Wee came down with measles the same time that he did and had to be quarantined in the Rich mansion. In one panel, Cadbury the butler says “I’ll draw your bath, Master Freckles” to which Freckles replies “I didn’t know you could paint!”

  4. I know I shouldn’t editorialize but …. He’s going clubbing because he has a club? Seriously? He did that?

    I’m reminded of Lisa Simpson’s Valentine “Let’s Bee Friends” or of the Protagonist of Peter Beagles “The Folk of the Air” in which the protagonist gets a job on the tour train at the Oakland Zoo and has a script for the wolf being fed “you could say he really wolfs it down” and he’s not allowed to vary it or omit it though he really, really tries. …. Or I am reminded every March 14 on “pi day” that…. pi sounds like pie so…..

    Okay. I’m grouchy this morning……

  5. I am reminded of Taco Bell ad for their club sandwich of a couple saying “Do you want to go clubbing?” IMO a slightly less obvious joke.

  6. I have to think that there are actual people named Jeeves who are sick of others assuming they are a butler. But at least it’s not as bad as Adolph, which was my childhood dentist’s name.

  7. ” But at least it’s not as bad as Adolph, which was my childhood dentist’s name.”

    And I once had a boss named Mr. Fink.

  8. And I once had a boss named Mr. Fink.


    The Jeeves comic … why is it signed with two identically unreadable scrawls? Why is Jeeves’s boss wearing steampunk goggles?

  9. Classic take on the “draw me a…” pun:

    I am also reminded of a clever parody of an ad for art how-to books of decades past, as seen in either of Tom Weller’s “Culture Made Stupid” or “Science Made Stupid” books. The list of joke titles was fairly lengthy but include “How To Draw Blood”, “How To Draw Water”, “How To Draw A Blank”, and “How To Draw Criticism” among others.

  10. I worked with a guy who if anyone said, “C’est la vie” he would respond, “La vie. You said, ‘say la vie; so I dd.” Yeah, yeah, we get it. You didn’t need the explanation.

  11. CaroZ, sadly it is not an “advanced search option” that can heat-seek to puns, or search by sound or by approximate match. But there is, on one of the editorial interfaces, a search that will do matching (strict exact substring matches) on the text content of all past comments. So I searched for “draw” and got too many, then “draw me” and “draw a” and got the “horse-drawn carriage” after another variation or two.

  12. I think it was either Cracked or Mad magazine that always pointed out how a certain artist came from a very artistic family. His mother draws blood, etc., and the artist himself sits in the corner and draws flies.

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