1. Progressive did such a great job with Flo, that i don’t think of them without her. Also Geico is my awesome insurance company so I guess it was wishful thinking haha.

  2. Then, does their being skunks have nothing central to do with the joke? The thing they’re noticing is not something oddly blue about the smell, say? But no, it does say see specifically.

    Then what actually is the joke? Just the amusing callout to the commercial?

  3. Powers, thank you for the link. I don’t watch much commercial TV (we, uh, Shall Not Discuss the topic of binge-watching streaming shows) so I didn’t make the connection, having never seen the commercial before. My brain went to “some sort of play on “thin blue line”/political statement…?” Now, though, the comic makes sense and is enough to elicit a Sensible Chuckle.

  4. When someone at the office decides to color his/her hair an unusual color, the co-workers aren’t always sure how to react.

    Do you say, “Hi, Pat! I see you’ve decided to color your hair in an unusual way!” Or do you say, “Hi, Pat! It’s good to see you, same as always!”

    In not wanting to create an awkward situation, the co-workers themselves feel a bit awkward.

  5. Thirty years ago the airwaves carried the battle of bar soaps. The days of Dial, Ivory, Lifebuoy “smallest soap in the house”, Irish “clean as a whistle” Spring, “Zestfully clean”, sigh. If I make it another thirty years, will I remember the insurance ad battle with the same fondness?

  6. I am glad it was a Dr. Rick reference (I LOVE Dr. Rick) and not a Thin Blue Line reference – although I experienced the latter the first time I saw a flag so altered.

  7. Seeing the commercial mostly explains it for me, but I have the same question as deety: “does their being skunks have nothing central to do with the joke?”. It would be the same joke if they were zebra or chickens?

  8. Thanks for the URL, Powers. So this whole thing depends on two seconds of a silly TV commercial? (Like others, my best idea was on the thin-blue-line idea.)

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