1. “. . . because the delivery guy refused to put them in the mailbox . . .”

    Rightly so – that would be a federal crime. NO excuse not to put a mask on, tho; have you complained to his boss? WM has curbside prescription pickup, which I’ve used since March.

  2. Just read the sad news. For days I just wondered, whether there were more technical issues with the site, and did not notice this discussion.

    Comics I don’t understand has been a daily institution for me for some years now, like for so many others. It was making me chuckle or scratch my head, the discussions pointing to interesting facts or cultural idiosyncrasies, other sites to explore and sometimes allowing me to throw my own two cents into the ring. Looking back I never wondered about how civilized everyone remained. If I had, it might have dawned on me earlier, what a remarkable person was behind this endeavor that is CIDU.

    I will miss Mr Bickle and his inconspicuous way of keeping everyone on their good and polite side.


  3. What a shock and a loss. I have no original words today. May Bill’s memory be a blessing. And may this site or a successor continue in some form. I know of nothing like it on the 21st Century internet.

  4. ‘“. . . because the delivery guy refused to put them in the mailbox . . .”

    Rightly so – that would be a federal crime.’

    *Citation needed.

  5. I am sorry to hear of Bill’s passing. Although I didn’t comment much, I stopped by every day to see what comics were puzzling, which one’s were Oy worthy, and which one’s sparked an LOL. On the few occasions I had to e-mail Bill (usually about a Comic I Didn’t Understand), he was unfailingly gracious and polite. The world is a little bit less than it was, but better because of Bill.

  6. You know, I’ve always wondered about the legality of shoving something thru a mail slot . . . I suppose as it is part of the door, it isn’t a federal item.

  7. Mitch, sorry, I’m weird. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter at all, and will only gingerly approach Google Anything. Being an open source guy old enough to remember when email addresses had !s instead of @s, II try to stay close to the open web and away from the walled gardens. What is in the Google Groups link you posted, please?

  8. As I responded to Andréa’s similar post in Random Comments:

    If anyone is following this Random Comments thread but doesn’t get notifications from the site for new postings, please go to the top and find a new post, from Bill’s son Aaron, and responses from several CIDUers. As Andréa suggests, we could stay in contact with Aaron, after a decent interval, to explore with him the possible future paths for the site and the community.

    There are, I think, good thoughts on either side of the question whether it would be better to try to continue here or start a new chapter some other way.

  9. @Le Vieux Lapin, heck yes I remember “bang paths”!

    Don’t worry, you’re not missing much of anything at that Google Groups site. It was meant as a “backstop” alternative for discussing / planning whether and how the CIDU community can have a hand in a continuation of CIDU — a backstop in case the discussions here on CIDU became inaccessible, say if WordPress didn’t get their next payment or whatever, we could all still find each other. (I was *not* proposing it as a place or platform for starting a replacement site for new CIDU content!)

    But that seems unnecessary in light of the message from Aaron.

  10. @Le Vieux Lapin, I *think* that UUCP-style email emerged later than ARPAnet-style, but I’ve only been around since 1983; they certainly coexisted for a while after that.

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