1. He must mean fifth.

    Like many people who cite the USA constitution to justify their action, he’s not actually read it.

  2. Fifth does make more sense.

    First includes freedom of speech, which, I guess, includes the freedom to lie. So he couldn’t be honest with her without giving up lying?

    Nah, back to SB’s idea that he meant fifth.

  3. Perhaps he has some religious objection to telling he what she demands to hear? After all, free speech is being withheld by not telling her.

    Or more likely, he would get deeper in trouble by expressing what’s really on his mind. Which violates what many consider to be the spirit of freedom of speech.

  4. Maybe he’s converted to another religion and knows she will be mad at him for giving money to a “false god”.

    Or maybe he meant second and if he told her he’d have to kill her?

    Or maybe he has quartered some troops in the spare bedroom.

    Perhaps he fears cruel and/or unusual punishment.

  5. Yes, there is a long tradition of “He took the Fifth” and an ugly set of rulings about how you are taken to have abandoned the protection of the fifth if you start to answer at all at your hearing.

    But the First could make sense too, as others have limned.

    Or it could even be that folks are now so conscious of First Amendment Rights that that has become the popular way of referring to any and all Constitutional protections. I still treasure seeing people go a little malaprop and write about “They seem to be in line for a Nobel Peace Prize in Physics”.

  6. Kilby & Brian: It may be that PMP is never funny. But that’s something we can’t tell from just the comics that appear here. These are the ones that someone found incomprehensible. And that someone, presumably, finds the comprehensible ones sufficiently good to be worth plodding through these. In other words, we’re seeing the worst of PMP and can’t judge its best without reading ones that don’t show up here.

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