1. I think in the slang all the young people are using on the innerweb these days, “gravy” means additional benefits beyond what what is to be expected. Working for, expecting and being motivated by gravy is self-indulgent.

  2. Some people ladle a little (or a lot of) extra gravy on their otherwise-somewhat-healthy chicken/turkey meal, only to regret it later on. (Because Extra gravy = Lots of extra calories.)

    I think this is what this cartoon is referring to.

  3. Boise Ed — “the idea of a tanker full of gravy is almost disgusting.”

    Well, yes. I’m pretty sure THAT’S the point of the comic. You put a tanker full of gravy on your chicken and mashed potatoes, and you eat it, and then you realized just how disgusting it was, and then you’ve got a tanker full of regret.

  4. Meant to say, so agreeing with w00zy’s take on what sense of “gravy” is being used, but dubious about tagging it as recent youth or online slang.

  5. “It’s all gravy after that” goes back a ways but not in my social circles (my grandmother would have found the phrase disgustingly vulgar). But I’ve noticed it’s been on an uptick in the last three years. And I’ve noticed it has begun to take on a very subtle and new subtext of indulgent “options” trading seeking out *only* gravy for the sake of gravy…. It’s hard to put ones finger on it and argue the meaning has changed but I get the impression it has.

    I don’t really get the cartoon but I figure Wayno has some incoherent opinion about usage of the phrase (similar to my incoherent opinion in the above paragraph— I bet not a single person understand what I was getting at…. oh well….) and the people who seek out gravy and Wayno, being Wayno, has delusions of coherency.

  6. J-L’s interpretation makes sense….. except it doesn’t seem universal or common enough desire to make the joke that recognizable. … But that’s Wayno being Wayno….

  7. As someone who in the past has commented regarding how vehicles are often drawn in comics, that did jump out at me as well.

  8. There was a huge uproar years ago about tanker trucks that carried poisonous or hazardous liquids one way and then “back hauled” food grade consumables such as juices or even possibly gravy. Not sure it that is part of the story here, though….

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