1. These megalithic monuments(*) are fairly common in northern Europe. They are much smaller (and much less famous) than Stonehenge, hence the joke about “losing weight”.
    P.S. (*) – The German term is “Hünengrab” (“giant’s grave”).

  2. And they are still stone henges, though not *the* Stonehenge. There are also wood henges, etc.

  3. If *the* Stonehenge lost weight, this is what it would look like. Shorter, fewer rocks, etc.

  4. “Stone” is the UK measurement of weight (14 pounds) with which I grew up. “195 pounds” doesn’t convey much to me, “88.5 kilograms” means nothing if I don’t have a calculator, but “14 stone” tells me I’ve had too much beer and too little exercise during lockdown. I could do with losing a few stone myself.

  5. Someone found an interesting picture of stones arranged in a “Stonehenge-esque” fashion, and thought, “Hm… What kind of funny caption can I give this?”

    It’s not laugh-out-loud hilarious, but the caption is kind of cute.

  6. It’s easy to fail to appreciate the level of difficulty Melcher works under: he doesn’t get to draw anything, and therefore has to come up with a caption for existing paintings. Every single day.

  7. @ Bill – True, but he has tens of thousands of copyright-free images to select from. If he draws a blank on one picture, he can always swipe it away and try the next one.

  8. Banksy created a “Toilet-Henge”(*) using porta-potties for the 2007 festival in Glastonbury. As Banksy put it, “A lot of monuments are a bit rubbish, but this really is a pile of crap“:

    P.S. (*j – A couple of years later, someone with a much smaller budget did a German version called “Klo-Henge“:

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