1. Falling piano jokes must have some sort of plausible setup to work. Normally the victim is walking into the danger zone (for whatever reason). This drawing (which cannot be called a “comic”, because it isn’t) has absolutely no plausibility. There is no way that Schroeder would be stupid enough to set up his piano there, and no way to suddenly introduce the large piano directly above him. In short, this is simply gratuitous, un-funny violence at the expense of a plagiarized character.

  2. There’s nothing to not get. A recognizable figure that is known for playing a piano is killed by a piano. That is the joke and there is nothing more.

  3. In theory, woozy, one could “not get” it if one didn’t recognize Schroeder or know what he was famous for.

  4. This is just an ironic way to die: Pianos are his friends, and yet, he dies violently by one.

  5. Yes, but there is no way Bill doesn’t recognize Schroeder.

    This is a case of “I don’t get this/why is this supposed to be funny” vs. “Why would you think that is funny” vs. “That isn’t enough to be funny, what is *wrong* with you?”

    I think this appearing as CIDU means we expect there must be more. But the answer to the first question is very simply “A guy who loves and is known for playing a piano is killed by a piano. That’s it. We’re done. There is *nothing* more”.

    I’d even go so far as to answer the second. “Well, it’s an extreme. And there’s something edgy about recognizing cultural references and doing harm to them”

  6. Tangent:

    Have you ever had an experience where in the past you’ve encountered a basic joke or trope and never really questioned it but then one instance it’s badly mangled, or presented with no *other* virtue, or you are called to explain it and…. you realize the trope or joke just *doesn’t* work for you ever again.

    This could be one of them, all our lives we’ve seen jokes about Mr. Peanut being chased by an elephant or a lumber jack being squished by a tree, ha-ha, so here Schroeder who plays the piano is killed by a piano. Irony. ha-ha. And then someone asks “so?” and you answer “well, because…. he plays the piano and he was killed by a piano and ….” you are left holding a limp bag.

    My two memorable experience with this was:

    1) The movie “Paul”. There’s a common trope in screwball adventure movies about writer hard on their luck having a wacky adventure, and the movie ends, and the scene credits show a fast forward of the author capitalizing on his wacky adventure by writing it up a fiction and its a huge wild success.

    I always took this as fine. It’s a surreal meta-joke about this adventure was wacky that no-one would believe it but as fiction whoo-boy….

    But with “Paul” I couldn’t help but notice…. hey, the work getting rave reviews and gala reception was…. the mediocre movie I *just* watched…. Isn’t it really arrogant and delusional of the authors? And no matter how I look at it.. the move I just saw just *can’t* be perceived as that good by anyone.

    What a stupid and illogical trope…..

    2) “Space Force”. It made me wonder how on earth did I manage to tolerate Steve Carrel’s existence as long as I had.

  7. @woozy: I quit “Space Force” about halfway through the second episode — it is truly EXECRABLE! And yet now I’m watching “The Morning Show”, and so far (three episodes in) I am really liking Steve Carrel’s performance. After giving up on Space Force I was like you questioning how I tolerated his existance as long as I had, but now I remember he can be a good actor, but not, apparently, when he’s trying to be funny… :-/

  8. Don Martin did much better falling-piano and falling-safe and run-over-by-a-steamroller jokes.

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