1. @ Mitch4 – Yes, but do the arrows mean that they are coming, or are they not coming? It would help if we knew whether the invitation was supposed to be for a dinner party, or for a war. Either way, the joke doesn’t really work.

  2. I agree, it left some things to be puzzled over. Was it a good-faith invitation, or more a challenge? If he knew it would be met with hostility, wouldn’t that still have happened if there had been a “No RSVP needed” or just the absence of any mention of RSVP?

  3. The King has sent out invitations to one of his enormous garden parties with around 2000 guests from the whole breadth of society, and the paperwork involved in dealing with RSVPs was not worth it. In between sending out the invitations in a time of peace and the scene shown in this cartoon, war, invasion and a surprise attack calamity has erupted. Like many people, the King is in denial and mentally is trundling on in the mindset of the Before Times, hoping that his party will go ahead, along with drinking, carousing, clowning and all the other activities of a functioning peacetime economy, and that there is some banal explanation, seated in the Before Times world, for all the arrows. His assistant, Igor Wormtongue, has however realised that the palace is actually under attack and for them the End Times approach and he is wondering how to enlighten the King without having his head struck off for insolence and spreading false rumours.

  4. I thought the joke was that people in the past sent letters by tying it on an arrow and shooting it, but then there is no paper attached to the arrows in the comic.

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