1. There isn’t any joke here. Whether or not he can earn a living wage is entirely dependent upon the percentage of the commission, combined with the number of sales that can be expected to be made in a reasonable work week.
    P.S. Even J. Barnard Pillsbury isn’t as cynical as this jerk of an executive.

  2. I think the joke is that the guy is failing so hard at making a living wage that he comes to work in rags and without shoes. At least he still has a tie on, he still has *some* standards!

  3. Well, that appearance will probably not enhance his sales success. The company would likely gain by investing in him with some living expenses, if not an actual salary.

  4. Just because something is true doesn’t mean it’s not a joke. This is just an extreme. The joke is that it’s obviously too hard and the guy is failing.

  5. I’d definitely buy a car from him. And totally not feel guilty lowballing ol’ Gil

  6. @woozy Your definition is that of a cartoon, not a joke. extreme or exaggeration is not part of a joke unless it is part of the wordplay. I’m glad you pointed out the tie; I think it’s kind of poignant. (wow! that passed spellchecker.)

    CIDU Bill, if you keep looking for “the joke” in comics you are going to experience what I would consider a disabling amount of failure. Look for humor and a new world will open up for you.

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