1. Or maybe it isn’t. Everyone tends to think the combination on the lock is 666, so an arbitrary code was deliberately chosen. And guess who can’t remember this arbitrary code?

  2. I’ve always thought of 740 as “the number of the Beast, before the Beast’s agent takes out his ten percent.”

  3. Trivia Time: Years ago, many biblical scholars decided that the first translations were off here and there, and that the correct ‘number of the beast’ was actually 616. That’s the main reason writer Alan Moore proclaimed the primary Marvel Universe earth was known as Earth-616.

  4. Futubakun: It’s not exactly that 616 is “correct,” while “666” is wrong. There are different early manuscripts, and some give 666 and some give 616. (IIRC, the majority give 666.)

    This is perhaps the clearest evidence that the AntiChrist was intended to be the Emperor Nero. Using the standard numerology methods at the time to convert his name into a number, you either get 616 or 666, depending on whether you write his name in Greek or Latin. Presumably early Christians were attempting to communicate that Nero was the AntiChrist, but the number they used to do this depended on which language they were using.

  5. And Heinlein of course suggested that it was 6**6**6, which is, like, a big number.

  6. Wait a minute: he has problems remembering a three-digit(*) code, but seems to have no trouble remembering that room number, or even the ten-digit telephone number he just dialed. That’s a pretty specific memory problem.
    P.S. (*) – There’s actually only one digit in it, just repeated three times.

  7. @ Brian in StL – That’s because the numbers are stored in everyone’s phones. In that case, why doesn’t he store the three-digit code in the one he’s holding?

  8. Last night I saw a rerun episode of “Midsomer Mysteries” in which the police detectives are trying to break into the safe of the two of the deceased (this show if you have never seen has numerous murders all of which have been done in terribly odd ways). They ask the daughter for everyone in the family’s birthday dates and try same – apparently this is a common way to set one’s safe using the 2 digits of the month, date and year. (Turns out to be the date of when the daughter they are talking to was baptized.)

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