1. Janis does not want to stop and talk with everyone she sees. In other words, she’s using social distancing to be anti-social.

  2. Yep. Normally it would be rude to just give a quick wave and keep walking, but the mask lets her act as if it’s because she’s concerned about social distancing. (It can also help by preventing recognition, but that aspect doesn’t appear in this strip.)

  3. I’ve been a little disturbed by how much it DOESN’T prevent recognition in my town. Everybody recognizes me just as much as before. If not more so.

    I suppose the fact that I wear a distinct bright orange mask with Star Wars characters on it might not help my anonymity, though…

  4. I’ve legit used my mask as an excuse to get out of conversations and “pleasantries” with folks.

    I’m a nice guy and socialize plenty, but sometimes the mask makes it easier to just get on with my day.

  5. Due to the Neighbor-Shocking Front-Yard Garden, I’m frequently out there doing a bit of work in the cool of the evening. That’s also a popular time for some of the folks to take a walk. Some will stop for a bit and chat, others wave and say hi nut keep going. I have no expectations of them. I certainly understand why someone on a walk wouldn’t want to stop.

  6. Somehow recalling a WWII-vintage gag panel. A guy sits smugly reading his paper while his wife glares silently. The living room is plastered with “Loose Lips Sink Ships” and similar patriotic calls for silence.

  7. Brian, I didn’t notice your typo until you corrected it!

    others wave and say hi nut

    Maybe “Hi, nut!” is well-deserved? 🙂

  8. Just read about an interesting problem with wearing masks. Similar to the need to sometimes add a smiley face online if the intent of something posted could be misinterpreted- one cannot see if someone is smiling when they are wearing a mask and comments made can be misinterpreted.

    Our neighbors to the north do not have this problem though – no one wears mask. They have large parties every weekend – no masks. And if we thought the guests put the masks on when they go into the house, well, they just had a deck added in their backyard and the backyard was filled for Father’s Day – no masks, no distancing – not even room for distancing. Since the older daughter will not be going to camp this summer, they spent the camp money on the yard. Now remember, our properties are less than 60′ x 100′ in total – in addition the desk the width of the house (30′) and about 15′ protruding from same, they have a set of swings and slide, a trampoline about 10-12′ in diameter, and an above ground pool – oh, and they have a shed as they illegally rent out their garage so have no use of it (not sure if there is a house of prostitution in the garage or it rented out as low end b&b to same people often).

    The best thing that will come of this is that they are concerned about people walking past and seeing the children playing in the yard so they are weaving vinyl strips through their fence so it will be filled in. We have wanted to do this as their gardener blows their leaves, grass and dog poo through it onto our property.

  9. I assumed that that the mask meant she didn’t need to put on a fake smile to be polite. That’s why she put it on just before passing the disliked neighbor.

    When I’m walking and someone doesn’t make any attempt to move to their side of the path as we pass, I’m glad I’m not wearing a mask so I can visibly glare at them. We need a socially acceptable way to say “Get the **** over”.

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