1. I absolutely and unequivocally do NOT ever under any circumstances need to hear that heavy metal yodel ever again in my life no matter what undonditionally.

  2. @Olivier: That was pretty good. Strong early 60s instrumental guitar vibes. The Dutch are kind of overrepresented in rock. There was Shocking Blue, who had a big hit with Venus; Golden Earring with Radar Love and Twilight Zone; and The Cats didn’t really make it across the Atlantic, but they were huge in Europe with that soft early 70s sort-of folk.

    Also, I LIKE this song. Maybe because, while it got airplay when and where I was growing up, it was limited, so you’d only hear it every couple of months or so.

  3. Re:’Venus’, I’m more familiar with the Bananarama version. The ‘Twilight zone’ song is cool. Folk is decidedly not my kind of music, Dutch or otherwise.

  4. “The Dutch are kind of overrepresented in rock.”

    Kinda like small dogs who think they’re big dogs and make lotsa noise to make it seem so. That’s us Dutch[wo]men.

  5. @Olivier: The Cats aren’t even folk. It’s that hyperprocessed, flavorless pap pretending to be folk that was so prevalent in the early to mid 70s. Think helmet-hair, peasant shirts and acoustic guitars.

  6. It’s an outrage that The Folksmen once opened for Spinal Tap and got booed off the stage.

  7. I kept waiting for the alleged yodeling everyone was on about; I got as far as the part where Popeye started “singing”, and gave up. (Or maybe it was that guy from “Full House” whose only claim to talent was doing a bad Popeye imitation…)

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