1. Wasn’t there already an announcement some time ago that “Stone Soup” was going to cease publication? I don’t follow the strip, but I thought I read something about it here, although there’s nothing I can find about it now.

  2. @ Bill – “I’m pretty sure it wasn’t here…
    If it was not “Stone Soup”, was there some other strip that was recently cancelled that we were discussing here?

  3. When I see the name “Catlover” I immediately think of usenet. There was a usenet personality (many would say troll) that went by “cattlovrr”.

  4. Carl Fink,

    I was beginning to think all the usenet groups were inactive – all of mine have evaporated.

    So I’ll ask you the question I ask every usenet denizen: do you pronounce it ‘yoosnet’ or ‘yooznet’?

  5. Chak: Back in the 1980s, I learned it as ‘yooznet’, as in connections you could use.

  6. “do you pronounce it ‘yoosnet’ or ‘yooznet’?”

    Um, I pronounce “yoosnet” and “yooznet” the same.

  7. Um, I pronounce “yoosnet” and “yooznet” the same.

    Really? In the sentence “I use that for its intended use”, do you pronounce both “use” words the same?

  8. I still am on usenet, but it’s down to just rec.arts.sf.written. I squeeze a little value out if, but it declines.

  9. One can only afford to end the series if one keeps the classic version going for income, so I presumed it would continue.

    I do wonder what piece of garbage my local paper will substitute in for Stone Soup as they do not run the classic version, just the Sunday one.

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