1. I assume people have seen a cappella science’s version of Bohemian Rhapsody? Quite good and the start of a number of excellent redo’s of popular and show tunes.

  2. Though not discernible in this GoComics rendering, the woman is playing a lap harp *on* a table. I wish I’d looked for the painting first because I spent a long time looking for a “table harp” (because it was clearly standing on the floor) that big. Actually I looked for a kalimba like thing first, even though that would not have been very Finnish. (maybe because I’d want one of those!)

  3. I take back the table thing. Looked at a better blowup. No table. (I couldn’t find a picture of the version in the painting after another prolonged search.)
    Still looks freakishly big to me for that instrument (I count 15 string pegs before they disappear under her arm). I feel there’s either something strange with the perspective or it’s weighted on the edge by her belly.. If she’s holding it flat with her forearms, I’m wondering how she can reach the front strings and pluck them upward. (I watched a YouTube tutorial on how to play the 5-string version. Now maybe I do want one.)

  4. I never had the pleasure of seeing Queen live. I did, however, see a guy in a bar do Bohemian Rhapsody on his own. He had an electric guitar and some effects petals and probably some pre-recorded loops. I was surprised how good it was.

  5. This instrument is a ‘concert kantele’ but she’s holding it like a ‘small kantele’ (short strings close to herself instead of long strings close to herself).

  6. So she’s like the Jimmi Hendrix of concert kantele, playing it upside down? So we should be name-checking “Foxey Lady”.

  7. I’ll see your a capella and raise you one ukulele.

    I had the pleasure of attending a concert by this fellow last year in a small semi-outdoor venue. He is amazing (he also has a YouTube version of While My Ukulele Gently Weeps). He performed Bohemian Rhapsodyon an electric ukulele, and encouraged the crowd to sing along. I am always astounded at how many people know the lyrics – across generations, cultures, you name it.

  8. This discussion is interesting because I just happened to find this video just late last night while doing a music theory video deep dive. This YT channel has been quite fascinating.

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