1. Mitch4 reminds me of an event when I was a sales rep for Prentice Hall in London in the early 80s. I was in then-Dillons, a big university bookstore near the University of London campus, in the many-flavoured social sciences department. A woman, presumably looking to buy university books for her lazy child, had apparently confused the shop’s Info desk by asking for books on “eunuchs” and been sent upstairs to see if social sciences could help. I could see the staff there were also at a bit of a loss, but luckily my ear had twitched when I overheard her query, as PH were publishers of books like Kernighan and Pike, The UNIX Programming Environment, so I piped up and, getting suitable context from her, suggested she visit the computer science department in the basement. (Apologies if I have told this story before here before).

  2. Good story. Old programming joke.

    Unix is case-sensitive (uses both UPPER and lower case letters). But eunuchs are only lower case, as they can’t get it up.

  3. DILBERT also used that one years ago — Pointy-Headed Boss told Dilbert he’d been assigned to a new Eunuchs class; Dilbert said it was “Unix” and he wasalready expert with it, so the Boss said oh, in that case he’d cancel the doctor’s visit he’d also scheduled for him.

    Or something like that.

  4. zbicyclist, according to the footnotes in The Thousand Nights and a Night, some eunuchs were favored as “lovers”. Not only could they get it up, they would *keep* it up.

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