1. Like the 90s fantasy trope of sending a power surge through the internet to electrocute a hacker and fry his or her computer. Someone call IT because all the computers are getting that.

  2. Is there a caption missing. A guy has his mouth open. It’s something to do with static electricity… but what?

  3. “Like the 90s fantasy trope of sending a power surge through the internet to electrocute a hacker and fry his or her computer. ”

    i wasn’t aware that idle thought was a “thing” but even if was and familiar enough to be recognized as one, why would all the computers getting that be amusing? That’d be like figuring LOL cats was a thing so a carton with someone having 20 cats would be amusing… because that’s a lot of cats and LOL cats is a thing so…. lot of cats….

  4. I don’t know what is going on with captions today. The missing caption is “Uh, yeah, hi. I.T. Department?”

    The guy in the middle is on the phone.

  5. I just want to know what keeps those monitors from falling over what with only having two thin legs.

  6. There is NO WAY I’d have seen that phone if Folly hadn’t mentioned it. Even then, it took me a moment.

  7. I did not see the phone after looking for over a minute; however, I’m sure I would have immediately after Folly gave us the missing caption, had he not immediately mentioned the phone.

  8. I saw something really weird in the flesh as though there were third person or he had two heads or the static gave him a buzz cut or the woman’s arm had fallen off… I figured it was a third person but the perspective was terrible.

    Being the guy’s hand holding a phone is also an option….

  9. Throughout our central office facility, please unplug your computer from the Ethernet wall connection when leaving for the day. IT staff will be refreshing the ether in the Ethernet throughout the system overnight.

  10. On GoComics (and in today’s paper) this had a caption. “Uh yeh – hi – IT department ?”

  11. So the “funny” is, the computers are blowing up – and rather than, you know, getting up and getting away from them he’s just calling the IT department. Ha ha.

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