1. I asked the members of the politics/comics list that I manage, and not ONE of ’em ‘got’ this, either, even tho most of us are dog people. Hope someone here can enlighten us.

  2. This appears to be a caption for a different Larson comic. I put a link in a comment, but its stuck in moderation at the moment.

  3. After seeing Folly’s comment, I did a search and found this. (We’ll see if I get stuck in moderation as well.)

    Now that I see the original comic, I recall seeing it before:

  4. Well, if links are temporarily verbotten, look for “lewis” in here (putting slashes in for spaces) tvtropes.org pmwiki pmwiki.php FunnyTheFarSide

  5. Following Arthur’s comments –

    Here’s the info on the caption and a description of the cartoon it is the correct caption for:

    A man is at a woman’s house pointing to a purple blobish creature sitting in the corner.
    Woman: Whoa, Mr. Lewis! We don’t know what that thing is, or where is came from, but after what happened to the dog last week, we advise people not to touch it.

  6. And the caption for *THIS* cartoon is:

    “Keep your eye on that guy….He hasn’t said or bought a thing for over an hour.”

  7. “So what’s the correct caption for the comic with the dog in the trench coat?”

    when I get out of moderation I will tell you.

  8. In The Prehistory of The Far Side (page 127 in my copy. I checked.), Larson talks about this sort of mis-captioning happening. In his story, both cartoons were much improved.

  9. @ Boise Ed – All three of those comments report the correct caption with the corresponding illustration. Observing the page generation at Larson’s new website, it is clear that it uses digital (text) captions, rather than having the words incorporated as part of the image.(*) This would be a definite advantage in searching for a particular Far Side comic, but does allow for associational errors(**). Unfortunately, Larson’s web designers have not bothered to offer any sort of search features (neither by caption text nor by publication date). Anyone who is looking for a particular Far Side comic still has a better chance using Google to find a pirated copy rather than searching for an honest, legal reference on Larson’s website.
    P.S. (*) – Graphic image captions are used by GoComics, but some features (such as “Calvin & Hobbes”) do incorporate underlying digital text to facilitate searching. Others (such as “That Is Priceless”) do not.
    P.P.S. (*) – The caption switch(es) that Punch Rockfist mentioned above weren’t between two Far Sides, but rather between neighboring Far Side and Dennis the Menace panels, and it happened only in the layout of one particular newspaper. In the first instance, Ketcham’s drawing of Alice looking over Dennis and Joey in the kitchen had The Far Side’s caption “Ugh, hamsters again!“. The Far Side drawing (on the same day) showed a family of snakes at the dinner table, with the child snake uttering Dennis’s caption “Lucky I learned to make peanut butter sandwiches, or I would have starved to death by now.

  10. @ Boise Ed – Larson’s comment (in “The Prehistory of The Far Side”) was that it was a little embarrassing that the switch was such an improvement. Looking it up, the actual wording of the misplaced Far Side caption (on 13-Aug-81) was “Oh, brother! … Not hamsters again!“. The second instance (5-Sep-83) had Dennis speaking the psychic cave woman’s line: “I see your little, petrified skull … labeled and resting on a shelf somewhere.
    P.S. Dennis is a King Features comic, so it’s impossible to look up captions for those two dates.

  11. There’s a “Garfield Minus Garfield”-style opportunity here for randomly swapping captions between Far Side panels. If a site for those existed, I’d happily go down that rabbit hole.

  12. I suppose we could switch the captions of these.

    The dog in the butchers with the caption “don’t touch that thing” is kind of weird and the fact that the caption mentions a dog is odd.

    But the creature in the corner with the caption “Keep an eye on that guy; he hasn’t bought anything” is kind of interesting.

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