1. I thought they were fighting hunger by not showing up, so that the food could be given to people who are hungry.

  2. When I saw this I liked it, reading as WinterWallaby did. They donated their money, but have passed on the food.

    (Of course, if you think about it for even a moment and have ever done a banquet like this, you know that the food will have been made and then largely thrown away due to local laws regarding how food can be handled, etc.)

  3. If the audience had finished dinner there would be scraps on the tables. Halls are expensive, so renting a hall to raise money for the hungry when no one shows up is stupid. So I still don’t have a clue.
    Unless the chairs ate the guests or something…

  4. If giving in to hunger means eating, then fighter hunger means resisting hunger meas not eating.

    They *fought* hunger (but did utterly nothing to *alleviate* hunger) by not showing up at a banquet.

    It’s not funny enough to justify the twisted logic but….. Cornered.

  5. It would have been rather more bitterly sardonic if the scene showed lots of very large people sitting back in their chairs in front of empty plates and empty serving dishes, exhausted from so much troughing. Or, better still, with no people there as at present, but with the tables full of piles of empty plates and dishes and wine bottles on their sides and stains on the table cloth and napkins on the floor. Then it could be that the people filled their bellies and cleared off before the presentations, which will probably be full of thought-provoking information and distressing images about starving people.

    But as it is, with clean empty tables devoid even of cutlery and place settings, no, I don’t get it. It looks like no-one showed up, or perhaps the speaker is rehearsing his talk a few hours in advance of the real event.

  6. Maybe their priority is fighting hunger, but because of covid-19, no one was expected to show up (no food served), and no one did, but everybody still sent money, hence the (online?) congratulations?

  7. I think my interpretation may be different than everyone else’s. They are ‘fighting’ hunger by actually being hungry. Play on words. They are fighting their own hunger. Can’t be hungry if you show up to the banquet and eat.

  8. They fought hunger, now hunger is over for good. Now they don’t have to show up because the job is over.

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