1. I understand the first half of the sentence.

    That’s not her boyfriend. It’s a cardboard cut-out. Her boyfriend sent it to here so stand in for him while he is away. Somehow she now feels talking with her real boyfriend on the phone is the worst aspect. I *guess* this is because she prefers the cardboard cut-out to her actual boyfriend and doesn’t like having to deal with him.

  2. The sex with the cutout is better than the phone sex with her boyfriend/husband.

    Or maybe she’s really shallow and just likes that he’s good looking and looking at him is better than having to interact with him.

  3. It’s just a little eerie now when she talks with him on the phone, but also sees him right there, mouth not moving, no change of expression, etc.

  4. My first thought was Mitch4’s, but my second thought was woozy’s. Not sure which is correct.

  5. To be honest, I had a hard time making out that her “partner” was cardboard. The thickness just looked like rounded shadows to me. She’s got almost the same black line “aura” around herself. So – I didn’t know why the left partner wasn’t more peeved at her phone call with someone else!

  6. With her cardboard cut-out, she can either be with him physically, or be with him audibly (over the phone).

    And apparently, she prefers to physically be with the cardboard cut-out. That is, she likes the cardboard cut-out a little too much.

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