1. Sisyphus rolled a giant rock to the top of the hill every day, and, just before he got there, he’d lose it and it would roll back down. His plan is, once he gets near the top, jam some wedges under it to keep it from rolling, so he can keep it there and end his eternal torment.

  2. Alright, what ɪs he thinking of using wedges for? I guess, to consolidate any momentary gain, by preventing rollback.

  3. Wedges will prevent the rock rolling downhill.

    (I just sent you this one, a moment ago. It wasn’t posted here yet)

  4. Isn’t Sisyphus getting a productive agent defeating the point?

    He wants wedges to wedge the boulder in place.

  5. I figured the question about getting an agent was at a meta level — noting that he has been showing up in comics a lot just recently … so maybe an agent has been getting him those jobs. 🙂

  6. Sisyphus wants to be famous. But, despite his efforts (like these bursts), he goes back to being forgotten about and has to try again later, from scratch.

  7. Nobody’s going to comment on the fact that the wedges surely won’t be in aisle 6, and the store dude will never be seen again?

  8. “… so maybe an agent has been getting him those jobs. ”

    Yes, that was abundantly clear.

    But it does seem it’d be against his nature if Sisyphus manages to actually be successful at anything. Such as getting a good agent.

    Maybe Sisyphus got tired of his reputation and hired a publicist to stop him being depicted in these ways and as a result the cartoons have mushroomed.

  9. B.A.: You’ve never been to a hardware store? If you find someone, they point you to a location; when you get there and find that their directions were wrong, they’ve vanished.

    (Yes, I’m being overly general…but it happens a *lot*; my dad used to say that Home Depot had a perfect record of never having directed him to the right place!)

  10. Phil Smith III, that’s why you don’t got to Home Depot. In my previous neighbourhood there was a small, cramped local hardware store. Just bursting at the seams. The guys working there knew if they had something, where it was and they knew how to do just about any task you wanted to do. An amazing resource. Sadly, the local independent hardware store in my new neighbourhood is full of clowns who will sell you the wrong size of screwdriver. But at least you have a chance with the small shops.

    CIDU Bill, maybe the confusion comes from the idea of “wedge”. If you’re thinking of a doorstop, that wouldn’t do s*** for a rock like that on a steep hill. But if he’d asked for “chocks”, well, that would make all the difference.

  11. I was at Home Depot and wanted to get a “milk crate”, and found the best kind and color up on the upper level of a side aisle, not far from the front of the store. I went to the service desk at the front and asked if somebody could get one down for me. They said sure, and I returned to the place where I found them , and heard the desk guy on the speaker asking for a staff member to go to that location. Nobody, after waiting maybe ten minutes, so I went back to the desk, repeated my request, accepted the apology from the desk guy, returned to the aisle, heard the request repeated,and waited again. There were some acceptable ones accessible on lower shelves, but not exactly what I preferred, but I was considering just taking one of those, to be done. Or taking it upon myself to move their huge rolling ladder over, climbing up, and taking one of the kind I wanted from the large case in the upper reaches – but I was afraid of dislodging several and causing an avalanche. I almost gave up when a jaunty helper appeared, and after briefly trying to talk me into one from the lower shelves, he rolled the ladder in, climbed up, opened the big carton without any avalanche, and got me the one I wanted. I thanked him.

  12. We had a nice small, long time Home Depot near us. I was suspicious then a new larger one opened slightly north of us that we would lose the one we were used to – but no, it stayed open. Then a few years later they built a new Home Depot in what used to be discount store called Time Square Stores which closed decades and more recently had been occupied by a Kmart, Borders Books, and an Office Max – which one by one had closed over the years – the Office Max being the last to do so. The store was torn down and a brand new “bigger” Home Depot built and the little one near us closed.

    Problem is that the land plot is small. The store is long and thin to fit in the space – the parking is oddly arranged and not convenient. In the store the aisles make no sense at all – some aisles run front to back of the store – other aisles run across between these aisles – so they are not seen and nothing says what is there. The lighting department is hidden behind the large appliances. We had trouble finding the lumber department! The entire place makes no sense – so we end up going to the HD north of us – but they are not much better, though larger.

    In the store to the north, for example – there is an aisle labeled as plumbing – when one gets to the back of that aisle, the section behind is flooring – the next aisles in the front on either side are not plumbing – most of plumbing seems to be missing – one has to walk several aisles to the left from the back of the plumbing aisle to find the rest of same in the back section – would be a good idea to put a sign at the back of the aisle with an arrow to the left and saying “plumbing” or “more plumbing” to let people know where the rest of the department is.

    And employees never seem to know how to do anything or where to find anything in any of the HDs.

  13. @Phil Smith III:

    I don’t know what hardware stores you go to. At Lowe’s, store policy is for the associate to go with you to show you where something is.

  14. SBill: Sure, if you can find a local hardware store. All of ours are gone, too.

  15. I also had a great local independent hardware store in my area, and mine is also gone. 😦

    At my Home Depot, I also often get randomly redirected to the wrong area. However, I’ve also found that I can usually eventually find a skilled person with expertise in what I’m looking for; it’s just that it can be a chore to find them.

  16. I can say with reasonable certainty that I have never been been in a “local” hardware store.

  17. Phil, I’d like to be delicate about this, but… if Home Depot had A PERFECT RECORD of never having directed me to the right aisle, I might start considering it might not be them.

  18. My father once told me that he and I will always get escorted to the proper aisle: he because he’s old, and me because I’m blonde.

  19. B.A. Hah! Good point. My dad is no longer with us, alas, but would have appreciated that.

  20. Powers – the HDs and Lowes around here the employees do not generally know anything about what is in their department. We needed a new fridge last summer and had space limitations – meaning we had a choice of 3 that are manufactured in the biggest size that fits (18cu ft) – no matter where we looked. We had some questions about the three choices and in one Lowes (of several we went to) one employee knew anything about any of the fridges – none in any of HDs. (And the answer was basically none of them suited our needs so we had to go with the one with the least problems, which often goes too low for his insulin and too high to safe for food – just like the reason we got rid of our old one).

    Robert was looking (in last November) for parts to make legs for a new, smaller loom he had bought so he could take it to work on at craft sale events at which he was selling. We went to 3 or 4 each of HD and Lowes picking up one part here and one part there – little in the parts drawers matched the section that they were in, employees knew nothing about the parts and there was the usual problem finding wood which was not warped or curved. (And then the legs wobbled back and forth too much so he had to order the legs made for the loom – from either Australia or New Zealand (forget which) – which is why he was trying to make legs for it – and then return the parts (not the lumber of course).

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