1. “I don’t get it, but it’s still funny.”

    Yep, this is one that works, and trying to explain it will only kill the frog.

  2. Their arms out in the gyration balancing positions also look poised for a quick-draw duel-in-the-sun!

  3. See, now this one is a worthy “Okay but what’s the joke?” cartoon. And now you all say you get it?

  4. When I was a kid the kids could hula-hoop but the adults almost always found it down around their ankles after about two sways of the hip. That seemed magical to me – something kids could do easily but that eluded the grups.

    Now, of course, with a heftier waistline, I find the illusion is shattered.

  5. Even as a kid, I couldn’t do it. But I secretly blamed it on my folks for buying me not the standard “Hula Hoop™” but rather a knockoff brand called “Bali Hoop.” I decided it was no real shame not to be able to Bali Hoop.

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