1. Do Popes still drive around in those bubbles? I don’t remember seeing the Popemobile for 20 years or more, but I’m not a TV-watcher so I might just not have seen it.

  2. Oddly on my evening walk last night I got to thinking about the similarity and difference between paypal and papal, and what use one might make of the loose Y. I can’t now remember why I was thinking of it, though I remember where – walking along Glanville Road after just turn off from Church Street, which passes by the church. At about 8pm.

  3. I have the suspicion that if someone knows the area narmitaj is describing, they could identify a place or building there, and complete a fine joke after re-attaching the extra -y.

  4. Both good. I don’t know that I have heard a business say they take “cash or debit card” only. I have heard cash or credit, which normally implies debit cards are accepted as well. Maybe it’s possible credit cards carry higher fees for businesses.

  5. Credit cards do have higher merchant fees, but I have not run across a repair place that didn’t accept them. Given the potential cost of repairs, many customers would not have the cash available. That being said, I found both strips to be humorous.

  6. I know one store that accepts Visa but doesn’t accept Mastercard credit cards. They do accept Mastercard debit cards, though.

  7. Stores that accept debit but not credit cards are very common in Germany. This is because the fees charged to the merchants by credit card companies are higher over here. Most card holders have an arrangement which automatically pays off the card each month from their bank accounts. Since the credit card companies don’t make nearly as much from their usurious interest rates, they have to extract their pound of flesh from somewhere, so the merchants are bled for it.
    P.S. Even among places that take credit cards, it’s frequently limited to Visa & Mastercard; American Express is less popular (due to even higher fees), and Discover is utterly unknown.

  8. I have ridden in a car the Pope rode in. At least the cab driver told me the Pope had ridden in the car. The cab driver had bought it from a convent in or near Boston. When Pope John Paul II visited Boston, the nuns drove him somewhere, not in a parade or anything but on some errand, or maybe they picked him up at the airport or something. Anyway the cab driver was very proud of owning a cab that had been blessed by His Holiness.

  9. I know that there are gas stations with signs that there is no extra charge for cash or debit card.

    Paypal has been acting rather Papal with us since we tried to sign up to take credit cards through them – we finally gave up and got a Square reader.

    Paypal decided that it needs the Social Security associated with the business – but it is a corp and they will not accept its Federal ID number – which it already has on file. I know this for sure as the woman I was speaking with told me that there is a SSN associated with the account and gave me the last 4 digits of the corps number. We need to send proof of the number which can be a variety of things issued within past 6 months – one of which is a copy of the Social Security card (basically anyone older than 6 months old does not have a card issued in past 6 months) and another of which is a collection notice from IRS – which confuses me – Paypal wants to do business with people who owe IRS money? We sent a copy of our state sales tax certificate which has the number – but that is no good. I finally filed a form with IRS to get a copy of the 1099s issued to the corp the year before (there are none) but it came from IRS, is within 6 months and has the ID number on it. We are just not using Paypal for sales right now as we are not sure if with the restrictions they put on the account if it sales made by us will be rejected by them.

    Oddly they did not open the account to take credit cards, but did send us the credit card reader? We have only had the account with them over 10 years. Square in 15 minutes we had an account.

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