1. @ Olivier – “Reveille” is still the title of the standard morning “wakeup” tune played at American (and many other) military bases. Only now have I learned where the name came from.

  2. Of course the room they put the harpsichord has a muraled ceiling.

    Lovely peformance.

  3. Zamlet – I have harpsichord music as one of my cell phone ringtones. I have it set for the members of our reenactment unit and set my general ringer to it when we are at reenactments (don’t really need to any longer, but do so out of habit – my cell phone used to be the contact for the unit’s google phone number at events when Robert was unit commander- so if anyone wanted info that day or needed directions it was going to ring on my phone).

    It is actually harpsichord music being played by one of the musicians at Colonial Williamsburg. One December while there for the early in the month Christmas events we were waiting to go into the Governors Place for an evening tour and everyone in line was told to turn off their cell phone so it would not ring during the harpsichord performance by their player of same – Robert pointed out to me that if my cell phone rang (a general oddity to happen back then) it would be the performer playing the harpsichord on it anyway.

    (My family rings as “Ode to Joy”, a piece of music I am starting to hate as my sister texts me about mom constantly.)

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