1. Sarge is yelling because he’s been deafened by his day at the noisy artillery range.

  2. I thought that might be it, but he seemed to have no trouble hearing the officer behind the desk who is speaking in a normal voice.

  3. Back when Bob Mankoff was cartoon editor at The New Yorker, he issued videos from time to time on the behind-the-scenes of their operation. One of these was a sequence of cartoonists coming in to sit across the desk while he went over their packet of five submissions for that week. I remember Liana Finck was one of the relatively new faces there whom he praised to the camera after she was done (tho he might not have accepted any of her offerings that week).

    [However, if I’m reading the signatures right, hers in the above group is the egg with the thought balloon, not the one with the “New Yorker cartoon look”.]

  4. Looks like a pretty old Beetle strip. Current strips are signed as “Greg and Mort Walker”. I can’t make out the copyright date.

  5. CaroZ, maybe he was using earplugs so his hearing is fine, but he’s been screaming at the men for the past hour.

    Speaking of which… does Camp Swampy have female soldiers now?

  6. Well, they may be wearing grass skirts, but those aren’t hula dancers, and they ain’t dancing the hula. But, yeah, aloha, I get it.

    As for females in Beetle Bailey, there is Private Blips who works in the office with Miss Buxley, and Sgt Louise Lugg who has a thing for Sgt Snorkle.

  7. Yes, I see your point — they are more like “go-go dancers” who happen to be wearing grass skirts. But I’m glad you agree the grass skirts are enough to signal the “aloha”.

    BTW, I was a little surprised to see them in those Sgt. Pepper costumes. Though I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised — or should think of them as “Magical Mystery Tour costumes”.

    “Hello, Goodbye” was one of those series of 5 or 6 great or good singles released between Sgt. Pepper (May 1967) and the White Album (Nov 1968) [no, you cannot force me to call it “The Beatles”]; and in the U.S. collected on one side of the Magical Mystery Tour album (Nov 1967) though they weren’t in that show.

  8. @ Mitch4 – Before I discovered the Finck signature on the “egg” panel, I almost thought it was going to be a “Nick & Zuzu” comic.
    P.S. @ Brian – The copyright on that Beetle Bailey strip says 1963.

  9. The Beetle Bailey strip reminds me of Robin Williams’ bit in “Good Morning Vietnam” where his DJ character is pretending to take a song request from a soldier on the artillery range.
    Williams as DJ: So what would you like to hear?
    Williams as artilleryman: ANYTHING, JUST PLAY IT REALLY LOUD!

  10. I enjoyed the video. Those dancers really are cute. Now I’d like to see them playing with hula hoops in those skirts…

  11. We require all those on the cannon crew as well as those firing muskets, fowlers or rifles to use proper, hidden, ear protection when our reenactment unit does firing. Having filled in on the cannon crew when they are short I keep mine in the box benches we bring with us to events – just in case. Yes, I have fired a reproduction 3 lb cannon using burning match cord.

    Actually I mention this for a commercial – sorry if I am overstepping Bill – if I am, please delete. We were to have our first reenactment event of the year this past weekend. As most of our events are it was a muster. The men of the town would meet once a month to practice firing in military fashion as there was no standing British army in the colonies for protection (against Dutch, French, Spain, natives, etc.) and the men had to be able to protect the community. Wives and family would come along to town and meet with their friends. The event was to be held at our headquarters, The Arsenal, a 18th century weaver’s cottage. We were unable to have our event. Our commander decided to have a virtual event on his own. If anyone is interested in seeing same –

    No life skills (crafts) demonstrations but he shows what the fellows do at events and gives a tour of our headquarters. Musket only, no cannon as it takes a minimum of 3 to fire it – crew of 6 to do it properly.

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