Dance Your Way Into Sunday

Thanks to Mitch

For a lively wake-up music, I like the Lezhginka from Khachaturian’s ballet score “Gayaneh”. It is just as energetic as its probably more famous selection, the Saber Dance (which follows it in this clip).

BTW, the lezhginka or lezginka is the name not of just this particular piece but a music and dance style widespread in the Caucsus and Southeastern Europe. If you search the term, you can find many examples of both professional dance groups and informal parties dancing a lezhginka, to various music. Often these seem to be wedding parties, with a competitive tag-in aspect to the dancing among the guests. Here are two examples:


  1. Reminds me of the nature shows with the various male birds of paradise turning themselves inside out while the females generally sit on the branch saying, “Meh.”

  2. I’ve adored Gayane and Masquerade Suites since the 1950s, but never saw the ballets before.

  3. I remember the spinning plates act from the old old Ed Sullivan show; but no idea what music. I thought I remembered a tutorial by [Raymond] Teller (Penn Jillette’s partner) but a Google for “spinning plates Teller” just retrieves more plate spinning acts, including yours. Ah well.

    The music I recall as the popular alternative to the Sabre Dance would be Kabalevsky’s “Galop” from The Comedians. I thought that might also be the music the band would play for Jackie Gleason’s variety show. I thought I remembered him saying “A little travelling music please” — but a search on that phrase returns an animated cartoon with a song bearing those lyrics, plus a clip of a song by Barry Manilow with that title, which however has an intro using the “Goin Home” tune from the New World Symphony!



  4. Like Bob Ball said, I have always loved that music but I’ve not seen it before this.Thank you. Oh and thank you, 1960s Columbia Record Club.

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